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Location of a thermal power station Presented by:- Tanmoy Maji & Debabrata Patra

Introduction :


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Location of coal in India

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Earthquake zone

Proposed Project 32 MW Captive Power Plant:

Proposed Project 32 MW Captive Power Plant PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS Location C.D.A SEC-20, District: CUTTACK,ODISHA Capacity of plant Load :-32 MW. Raw Materials requirement :- coal Water

Power generation 32 MW :

Power generation 32 MW Area for proposed plant 25 Acre ( Within existing plant) No of Boilers:- One Type of Boilers Fluidized Bed Combustion type Capacity of boiler 140 TPH Fuel Low sulphur containg indian Coal Fuel Consumption Rate 1,30,000 MTPA

Proposed Project:

Proposed Project No. of Turbo generator:- One Type of Turbo generator Straight Condensing With Air Cooled Condenser Water Requirement for CPP (Source) 418.4 m3/ day (Naraj Mahanandi reservoirs) Effluent Generation 245 m3/ day Cost Of Project 102.78 crore

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Facility available for Installation of thermal plant. Why we select CUTTACK as our plant location Land is available Transport Communication is good . Water source is available . Power demand is high. Near to capital.

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Land is available For installation of thermal power plant, Area for proposed plant 25 Acre Which is available in C.D.A SEC-20 through govt. Land is economic one Density of population is less Site is 15 km away from town

Transport Communication is good :

Transport Communication is good Transportation by truck, train, ship NH5 crosses CUTTACK city which is connected to TALCHER coal mine Railway track is passing near by the site Two ports are near to site:- 1 Paradeep port, which is 80 km from site 2 Gopalpur port, which is 40 km from site

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Medium of Transportation

Water source is available:

Water source is available Water Requirement for CPP (Source) 418.4 m3/ day (Naraj reservoirs on Mahanandi River)

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Source of water Mahanadi Mahanadi

Power demand is high. :

Power demand is high. In CUTTACK and BHUBANESWAR are two semi-metropolitan city, they need more power for their consumption. The main consumer of 40% power at cuttack. There are also company who need power.

Near to capital. :

Near to capital. As it near to capital, administrative works and decision much easier to accomplish. Skilled labors will available as two city population are 20 lakhs. Transmission power loss is minimum, Small diameter of supply. Cost of transmission is cheap .

Disadvantage :

Disadvantage Effluent Generation & Disposal 46 m3/ day Gardening & dust. Temperature will rise 3 degree

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