Tips For Buying A New House


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Tips For Buying A New House:

Tips For Buying A New House

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When it comes to buying the first house, the majority of are pretty clueless. The first step most often for most is to ask friends and family for advice. While the advice of people who care for our wellbeing is often well meant, it is no way professional advice. The fact is that at the end of the day no one can tell you what’s best for you. Only you can figure it out for yourself and the sooner you do that before looking for houses the better it is. To help you out, here are a few steps that you should go through before stating house hunting.

List your requirements:

List your requirements What kind of house are you looking for? A flat or a cottage? The most obvious thing to do is figure out your life situation. Are you a single guy who needs to be at work at a moment’s notice? Then perhaps a studio apartment near your workplace would be the best. If you’re a family of 7 then a big spacious house in the suburbs will do you best. While all of us want our potential house to look as great as possible, it’s highly unwise to buy a house simply because you think it’s pretty. A gorgeous 2 bed room apartment, no matter how beautiful, will never service the needs of a family with 3 teenage boys. Let’s your requirements guide you, not your emotions.   The same goes for location. If you have young kids then a suburban location with less traffic and proximity to schools would be best for you. If you need to entertain a lot of clients then perhaps a swanky apartment downtown would serve you best.

Scout the locations:

Scout the locations Let’s say you have contacted an estate agent and have been shown a few properties, a couple of which have caught your fancy. While you should always ask the Estate agent for all the details and information, it’s also important to come back to the house later and scout the neighborhood. If you have decided to buy a particular house you should visit the area at different times of the day. While the house might be perfect for you, the neighborhood might be far from it.   Similarly, drive around the area to see what kind of facilities are available in the area. An athlete person in the family will want a gym close by and a homemaker would want a grocery store at a short distance. These things will make your life in the new house pleasant, so don’t miss out on them.   Minute inspection

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Go through every inch of the house more than one time. Think about buying a car- do you ever buy it without looking under the hood? Exactly. Leave no area of the house uninspected. If need be get others or even professionals to get an exact opinion. This is a purchase you can’t return so be extremely thorough. If you’re interested in buying a house in Ewell , click here [website link] to take a look at some great properties.

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