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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 https://www.tcl.com/in/en indiasupporttcl.com What are the Pros and Cons of the Inverter Air Conditioners Buying an air conditioner depends on various parameters. For some buyers budget is the most crucial factor while some buyers recognise cooling efficiency as the most crucial thing. Eventually every buyer wants a product that will serve him for a long time. Nevertheless the AC should be energy-efficient. The common way of finding the energy efficiency of an air conditioner is by checking the BBE star rating. Devices that come with 5-star are the most energy-efficient products. On the other hand the star rating lesser than 5 suggests a lesser energy-efficient product. However the star rating is not the only crucial factor for buying an energy-efficient air conditioner. The buyers must also choose split inverter AC for obtaining satisfactory energy efficiency. Inverter AC can reduce the prices of monthly electricity bills by 30-50. How Do Inverter Air Conditioners Work An air conditioning system takes air from the room and passes the air through an evaporator. Finally it sends back the cooled air to the room again. Along with the evaporator every air conditioner system has a compressor. The role of the compressor is compressing the gas refrigerant. Due to compression the gas remains cool and helps the rooms internal air to get cooled down. In regular air conditions the compressor either stays off or on. When the compressor stays on it works at full capacity and thus consumes full electricity to its potential. In an inverter air conditioner the compressor can alter the consumption of power. According to the cooling requirements the compressor can alter power consumption. Thus an ultra-inverter split AC reduces the cost of electricity bills significantly.

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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 https://www.tcl.com/in/en indiasupporttcl.com Advantages of Inverter Split AC Apart from reducing the cost of electricity bills inverter AC comes with many other benefits. In the following section you can find those benefits. • Silent Operation: Inverter AC stays silent in most cases except when the compressor has to work to its full potential. When the compressor works slowly it consumes lesser power and makes minimal noise. • Smart Cooling Solution: Inverter AC can provide faster cooling service compared to non- inverter AC. Inverter AC can determine the cooling requirement and run the compressor accordingly. • Maintenance of Room Temperature: When room temperature becomes more than your desired temperature inverter AC instructs the compressor to cool the room quickly to maintain the desired temperature. No-inverter AC cannot maintain the desired room temperature with such efficiency. Shortcomings of Inverter AC Along with a lot of notable benefits an AI ultra-Inverter air conditioner also has some drawbacks. Find those shortcomings in the following section. • Inverter technology is a new thing and thus cost of AC featuring such technology is higher than the regular split air conditioners. • The maintenance cost of the inverter AC is also high as the technology is complex. Replacing parts will cost higher for an inverter AC. • If the temperature outside the room is 46-degree centigrade inverter ACs cooling efficiency will decrease significantly. Overall invert split AC is an eco- friendly alternative to regular air conditioners. For this reason the demand for such AC is rising. Besides energy efficiency inverter split ACs offer more efficient cooling and higher longevity.

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