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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 http://www.tcl.com/in/en.html indiasupporttcl.com What are the Causes Behind A Noisy Air Conditioner The architecture of modern-day air conditioners has changed significantly. The air conditioners of the present generation are typically noiseless. So whenever your ultra-inverter split AC makes a noise you should treat it as a sign of an impending issue. Some noises may also indicate that your AC has already developed a major problem. The section below talks about the causes behind different kinds of noises made by air conditioners. Banging An AC makes a banging sound typically when there’s a broken or loose part inside its compressor. Examples of parts that may result in a banging sound when broken or loose are crankshaft connecting rods piston pins etc. On rare occasions such sounds occur when the indoor blower of an AC gets unbalanced. If the banging noise is too loud it might indicate that you must get the compressor replaced as soon as possible. Clicking It’s normal for the electrical components of an AC to make a clicking noise during start-ups and shutdowns. However there are reasons to be worried if your AC keeps making the clicking noise. The most common cause of a constant clicking sound is a defective thermostat or failing control. Buzzing If the outside unit of your split inverter AC makes a buzzing sound it probably has one or more of the following issues: • Debris in its outdoor or indoor unit • Loose parts • Loose fan motor or a fan motor that is not working properly • Loose fan blades • An obstruction in the area the copper line connecting the external and internal units passes through • Unclean condenser coil • Exhausted air filter • Faulty blower • Leaking refrigerant If you notice that the outside unit of your air conditioner is working fine but still failing to offer expected cooling the

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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 http://www.tcl.com/in/en.html indiasupporttcl.com problem is most likely caused by the leaking of the refrigerant. When the leak turns worse the AC starts making buzzing noises. Squealing Rattles squeals and squeaks are noises made by the fan or blower of an AC. The motors of the indoor blower and outdoor fan make such noises before stopping permanently. So whenever you hear your air conditioner make such noises call a repair person to get its fan or blower replaced. If you are still using a decade-old air conditioner it might be normal for your machine to squeal when starting. However if it’s an advanced unit like an AI ultra-inverter air conditioner a squealing sound is definitely a cause of worry. Humming You shouldn’t be worried if your AC is making a humming sound. Such noises usually don’t indicate anything serious. However you should still get the machine inspected by a mechanic. That’s because the sound might be a sign of a more serious problem and can lead to major maintenance issues if not addressed promptly. Final Words Whatever might be the kind of noise your AC makes it would be wise to get it checked by a professional right away. This will help you to prevent serious damages and increase your machine’s longevity. Ideally the person you rely on for your AC’s maintenance must be a representative of the unit’s manufacturing company. This will ensure that all the replacement parts are genuine.

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