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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 How will You Know that Your Air Conditioner Needs A Replacement Air conditioners have become necessities instead of a luxury given the current state of climate all over the world. With summer right around the corner air conditioner prices start falling making it the perfect time to invest in a new one. People have already begun to shortlisting their choice of air conditioners. That said air conditioning machines have changed drastically over the years. There are new features as well as components in an air conditioner now. If you are in the market looking to change the old model there are certain things you need to keep in mind to find the perfect replacement. Factors to Keep in Mind Tonnage of the Machine: This is perhaps the first and foremost consideration you should factor in before finalising a particular model. The tonnage of an air conditioner essentially depicts its capacity to fill a particular room size with cold air. For smaller-sized rooms varying lower than 140 sq. ft. 1-ton AC will suffice. However anything above that will require a 1.5-ton machine. The number keeps going up with the size of the room. This makes it important to find the right tonnage to experience efficient cooling. Type of Air Conditioner: The second most important point to remember is which kind of air conditioner suits your needs the best. Conventionally there are two kinds of air conditioners a Window AC and a

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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 Split AC. While split air conditioners bring better air distribution a window unit is easier to install. Nevertheless split air conditioners are much more expensive than a window unit. While you can find a window air conditioner under 25k a split AC with similar features can cost you more. Which type suits you the best heavily depends on the dimensions of the room the features you require and your budget. Maintenance and Cleaning: Before choosing a particular model you must consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the ac. You should buy split air conditioners if you want the compressor unit to be separate and outside. However window air conditioners are a lot more compact. Since an air conditioner sucks in air from the environment it often has to filter out the impurities and dirt content. This dirties the inner components of the machine which can further hamper the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner. Ask the dealer if any maintenance services are offered or the basics of how you can clean it for optimal use. Nevertheless with extra benefits the AC price can significantly increase. Efficiency: Choosing a perfect air conditioner not only includes budget and type but also how efficient it is. Nowadays there are a lot of new additions to air conditioners making them more competent both energy and performance-wise. For example a 1.5-ton AC with a 5-star energy rating will conclude cheaper electricity bills than its contemporaries. Along with that the machine should also run smoothly and quietly. Installing an air conditioner should improve the quality of life instead of adding more stress.

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