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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 How QLED TV and Ultra HD TV Differ from each Other TV with quantum dots enabled screen is called QLED TV. This TV is believed to be belonging to advanced technology as compared to older versions called LCD TVs and LED television sets. Q and LED refers to the material of which the screen is made while the Ultra HD refers to the type of resolution of screen. The main points of difference between Ultra HD and QLED counterpart are: • All UHD TVs are not QLED. But mostly Quantum Dot LEDs have ultra HD enabled screens. Thus these cannot be compared on the same premise. • Mostly they are designed in 65 inch and beyond sizes of the screen while Ultra HD technology can be achieved in a 32-inch variant too. • QLED TV Price may be mostly higher because of the bigger screen size and at an affordable price. It is mostly the viewing experience and the grandeur that forms the selling point of QLED television sets the ultra HD technology since available in smaller sets is mostly sold on the promise of high quality of picture and ability to support HD set top boxes. So to make things simpler one can compare LED with QLED but ultra HD is just another feature of Quantum Dots LED TVs. Means the complete nomenclature for a high-class TV may appear as QLED Ultra HD TV. If there are facilities like Smart and AI enabled functionalities you can find the descriptions as QLED Ultra HD Smart TV. When you want to buy an advanced television set with the latest features you can go for the specifications such as: • High Definition Resolution: One can enjoy the finest details of the objects and the people in a HD resolution lit by the LEDs and enhanced further by the quantum dots. The ultra HD TV means three times more sharper pictures owing to deeper resolutions.

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TCL India Customer Care TCL TV – 1800-419-0622 • HDR Support: HDR is an additional thing to look for in the television set when you shop for Ultra HD variety. The HDR is responsible for more obvious contrast and sharpness which selectively brightens the sparkling objects. There is an additional support of micro dimming that helps the viewers to enjoy scenes like sunsets or night scenes better. Some TVs like TCL 4K HDR X4 series are empowered with MEMC that helps in bringing out the details of the objects more clearly when those are in motion. Thus the sports racing will offer you access to the dress details and sometimes expressions on the racer too offering you a more engaging experience. • Harmon Kardon Speakers: The Harmon Kardon speakers are known to have amazing output. The Dolby Audio technology offers much deserving intelligence to these high-class speakers and so it is worth enquiring about. These days TV sets are incomplete without Android OS. The TVs have got the names such as ultra HD Android TV as the OS meant for the mobile phones has now entered the TVs and changed it to a high entertainment capsule. This operating system offers plethora of gaming video and streaming applications that help you have unlimited entertainment right available to you on a voice command.

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