The Cold War Begins

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Cold War Begins Lecture 1


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The Cold War Begins:

The Cold War Begins By Tanilo Ponce


Ideologies Capitalism Communism

The Yalta and Potsdam Conference:

The Yalta and Potsdam Conference Potsdam: Yalta:

Post war Germany:

Post war Germany

U.S. Aims vs Soviet aims:

The US wanted Create a _____ ______ ________, where all nations have right to self-determination. Access to ____ ________. Rebuild _________. Encourage __________ in other countries. Rebuilt __________. Control ______ ________ to balance U.S. influence. U.S. Aims vs Soviet aims The Soviets wanted

Pause for review:

Recall the aims of each country. Can you describe how the separation of Germany created conflict? Define communism and Capitalism Pause for review

The Truman doctrine and the Marshall plan:

The Truman doctrine and the Marshall plan The Truman Doctrine declared that The Marshal plan helped Europe by They were designed to ________________. Communism.



Check for understanding:

Analyze the aims of the US’s containment policy. Check for understanding

Berlin Blockade:

Berlin Blockade Berlin air lift


NATO (1949) Alliances Warsaw Pact (1955)

NATO Nations:

NATO Nations

Satellite States (eastern Europe):

Satellite States (eastern Europe)

Pause for Understanding:

Compare and contrast the NATO alliance with The Warsaw Pact. Group the European nations that are part of NATO and ones that are part of The Warsaw Pact. Pause for Understanding

Critical thinking questions:

Imagine you were living in Germany post world war 2, which section would you prefer to live in? why? Evaluate the actions taken by both sides. Is one side more to blame than the other? Critical thinking questions

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