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The benefits of using the services of a Tampa tax attorney overrides its disadvantages thus you should always consider going for a tax lawyer every time you have a tax issue to resolve.


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The reason why we hire a Tax Attorney Tampa is mainly due to the IRS tax problems. These issues must be handled very carefully or can even lead to imprisonment. These tax laws which is involved in the case will be confusing and complicated and cannot be understood by all. This is the exact reason why we appoint a Tax Attorney Tampa. The situation is more likely worse nowadays than it was a few months back. Few Reasons to Hire a Tax Lawyer  The issue with the IRS can only be solved by contacting a tax attorney and this lawyer can provide you the attorney-client privilege. This is essential for the tax cases as the taxpayer need an exemption from the proceedings.  A CPA will be familiar with some of the programs related to tax settlements while a tax attorney will expertise in achieving all the solutions in tax. When dealing with IRS wrong decisions will end up behind bars. So avoid taking chances and choose the right person for handling your case.

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Offer in Compromise This refers to an agreement between IRS and the taxpayer which settles the liabilities of the taxpayer for a lesser amount. This will be accepted only if they are convinced with the following points:  There was a doubt about the tax liability amount  Or due to economic hardships it was a situation unable to pay the high amount of taxes.  You were not in a position to pay the amount in a reasonable time and would pay it as a lump sum. This agreement is actually a new way to pay your tax debt. Only a Tax Attorney Tampa can deal with this agreement. The IRS has a time period of up to two years to decide whether the offer should be accepted or rejected. You can consider the following questions before hiring a tax attorney:  Have you dealt with tax cases like mine before  How long have you been practicing as a tax attorney  Do you expertise in other areas or just tax law  What sort of advice will you provide me if I hire you  Depending on the status of my situation what would actually work for me Will everything be against me or is there any solution for my situation  Would you be kind enough to estimate the total fees

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 This way you can hire a Tax Attorney Tampa to deal with the IRS and solve the case successfully. Amended Returns Filing The requirement and filing of Amended tax returns is kind of a classical job where it becomes inevitable the involvement of an expert. An amended return as its name confirms is filed to supplement your already filed tax returns with any crucial information that you want to add to your records at the IRS. This kind of returns actually can trigger an extraordinary interest in the Internal Revenue Service about your cases. While on the other hand an avoidance towards the filing of amended returns keeps your alarmed and anxious. It is a fact that the IRS has an authority to scrutinize your filed returns at any time. Thus for handling of such issues no one else but a Tax Attorney Tampa can assist his or her clients in an appropriate way. Negotiating for Payment Plans Tax Payment plans and installment agreements is an excellent way to have your Tax Debt settled with the IRS. Unfortunately there is no fixed criteria available to determine the characteristics and parameters any such plan. Each time when the IRS receives such an application it deals it with as an isolated case. They are not bound by any law to entertain any such request. In such cases a Tax Attorney Tampa can play a very active role. They come with excellent negotiation skills and the chances of having a deal finalized for the client or at least a moderate one boosts up with their involvement in the whole scenario. Tax Attorney Tampa

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