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Communication as Dissemination #23:

Communication as Dissemination #23 By: Regina Crawford & Tamara Linares EDS 877


Communication Relative to ALL creatures humans or not Never know how it will be received http:// I had to throw this one in… http:// ( the offensive translator)

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The one who scatters has much; the one who gathers in has little. Tao Te Ching

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Th □ □n□ wh □ sc□tt□rs h□s m□ch ; th □ □n□ wh □ g□th□rs □n h□s l□ttl □ .- Tao Te Ching


Dissemination Author, John Durham Peters discusses how dissemination is like a lense that helps us tackle basic issues such as: Interaction Presence Space Time

Seedtime & Harvest:

Seedtime & Harvest Dissemination comes from the Latin root from scattering seeds One of life’s fundamental lessons “You reap what you sow”

Seedtime & Harvest:

Seedtime & Harvest Dissemination-Relative autonomy of sending and receiving information

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Seedtime & Harvest Table 23.1 Relations Among Participants in Communication ONE SPACE MANY SPACES ONE TIME Dialogue Broadcasting MANY TIMES Attendance Dissemination What does this mean?

Seedtime & Harvest:

Seedtime & Harvest he learns to condemn. he learns to fight. he learns to be shy. he learns to feel guilty. he learns to be patient. he learns confidence. he learns to appreciate. he learns justice. he learns to have faith. he learns to like himself. he learns to find love in the world If a child lives with criticism, If a child lives with hostility, If a child lives with ridicule, If a child lives with shame, If a child lives with tolerance, If a child lives with encouragement, If a child lives with praise, If a child lives with fairness, If a child lives with security, If a child lives with approval, If a child lives with acceptance and friendship ,

Advantages of Dissemination as Model:

Advantages of Dissemination as Model


ECONOMICS Old adage - It is better to give than to receive.


EDUCATION Even though students forget a lot of information, the information retained is great information We never know which information it will be out of all that we teach (roughly 20%) “Perhaps those sometimes endless hours and minutes in the classroom are all somehow necessary for the epiphanies.” (p.216)


PUBLIC SPACE Dissemination of ideas is powerful Vaclav Havel said that the truth was a “bacteriological weapon” Dissemination is already the doctrine and policy in First Amendment law, publishing, and science Even though people/entities have the right to publish, does not make them reliable “Dissemination remains one of the great political ideas of the modern world.” (p. 218)


ETHICS** Vision for communication for incomplete or damaged people Models communication for creatures that cannot clearly communicate (infants, pets, the dead, etc.) Not perfect Does not have to be words – can be a gesture, a reach, etc.


ART & NATURE Does not move information along – it uplifts, delights, depresses, and alarms Feelings are faster and more condensed than thoughts Birds sing not only to defend their territories but to also play (how the world turns) Look at evolution as not survival of the fittest but urges to generalize, grow, sympathize, and connect with others “Humans may dialogue, but the slime mold, the frogs, the sturgeon and oak trees, the comets and galaxies all disseminate.” (p. 219)

Beyond Human Communication:

Beyond Human Communication Term human communication came into existence in the 1950s (dispel the myth there was something inhuman about communication) 70 year old will see 200 millionth of the history of our universe Communication can occur all kinds of scales and speeds, small and large. Examples: computers, historians, archaeologists, paleontologists, geologists, cosmologists, and theologians. Communication on the nonhuman scale, dissemination is the most productive model “Dialogue fits beings for whom time and space are in short supply” (p. 220)

Beyond Human Communication:

Beyond Human Communication Cetaceans (porpoises, dolphins, & whales) communicate differently than humans (obviously). Highly developed communication. http:// (2:30) Sea affects them by pull of gravity and suppresses seeing and hearing Have complex vocal apparatus and well-developed neural auditory processing centers Acute spatial location Human attempts to communicate with them have failed. Our air-tested ears and voice lack bandwith and neural baud rate is too slow. Are like computers – fit a lot of data in a little bit of time.

Beyond Human Communication:

Beyond Human Communication Sound travels faster through water (account for temperature, depth, and salinity) than air Cetaceans rapid-fire when in groups, but when giving messages to distant members, the receiver gets the message not by the time in which it was sent but the proximity to the sender Might respond to something that had already taken place because he was too far away Learn to discern different pitches (voices and proximities) like an Internet discussion group “…our maritime siblings..are content to speak into the water, making music for anyone to enjoy, any time, all the time.” (p. 222)


Resources Peters, J.D., (2006). Communcation as dissemination. Communication as….Perspectives on Theory, 211-222. http ://

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