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The beautiful state of Tamil Nadu has many extraordinary and friendly beach destinations that have visitors thronging throughout the year. The alluring beaches are the best getaway to spend some precious time with your loved ones and to engage in fun activities like diving, surfing and motor boating. Don’t miss out on a beach holiday while you are in Tamil Nadu. The beaches of Tamil Nadu like Covelong, Marina, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari and Mahabalipuram are considered among the top beach destinations in South India. So rejoice and relish water activities at the friendly beaches in Tamil Nadu.


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Beaches in Tamilnadu The lovely province of Tamil Nadu has numerous uncommon and well disposed sea shore goals that have guests crowding consistently. The appealing sea shores are the best escape to invest some valuable energy with your friends and family and to take part for the sake of entertainment exercises like jumping surfing and engine sailing. Try not to pass up a sea shore occasion while you are in Tamil Nadu. The sea shores of Tamil Nadu like Covelong Marina Rameshwaram Kanyakumari and Mahabalipuram are considered among the top sea shore goals in South India. So cheer and relish water exercises at the neighborly sea shores in Tamil Nadu. A walk around the sea shore with the ocean waves contacting your feet brings happiness that is best in class.

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Kunthukal Beach Pamban Rameswaram Kunthukal Beach Vivekananda Memorial Hall Pamban Rameswaram Kunthukal sea shore is situated in a little angling town named Kunthukal which is almost around 12 km from the Rameswaram. The perfectly clear blue ocean water with moderate tides makes this sea shore great. Vivekananda Memorial Hall is situated on the shores of Kunthukal Beach close Pamban. The Memorial was worked to remember the arrival of Swami Vivekananda to India on January 26 1897 after his interest in The Parliament of World Religions held in Chicago. Master Vivekananda or Swamiji was the Indian Hindu priest who was the supporter of Indian spiritualist Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Increasingly about the Vivekanda Memorial Hall The Memorial was initiated on January 26 2010. Before the dedication was constructed the spot had a column in recognition of Swami Vivekananda. The commemoration houses a 6-foot sculpture of Swami Vivekananda with Ramanathapuram King Baskara Sethupathi who had supported his visit to Chicago. The Memorial likewise has an otherworldly library and contemplation corridor.

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Dhanushkodi Overview Dhanushkodi lying in the southern tip of Rameswaram is flanked by Bay of Bengal on one side and Indian Ocean on the other. The word Dhanushkode truly signifies "tip of the bow". About Dhanushkodi Dhanushkodi was a packed and occupied town until it was altogether cleaned out by a cyclonic tempest on 22nd December 1964. The Church Railway Station and Passport Office are a portion of the broke remainders that could be found in Dhanushkodi. The spot is currently busy with a populace of around 500 with a couple anglers and their families living here. Epilogue The awesome perspective on the charming sea shore thundering tides away from ocean and broke remainders of the once unmistakable city of Dhanushkodi fills the guests with a sentiment of marvel.

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Agni Theertham Beach Rameswaram Overview There are sixty-four Theerthams blessed water bodies in and around Rameswaram. Twenty-two of the Teerthams are inside the Ramanathaswamy Temple. Washing in these Teerthams is viewed as comparable to compensation and structures a significant part of the journey to Rameswaram. Every one of the Theerthams has its own hugeness. The eastern coastline inverse to the Ramanathaswamy Temple is Agni Theertham. Agni Theertham is viewed as the essential beach related with the sanctuary. Muthu Nagar Beach in Thoothukudi Muthu Nagar Beach is situated in the sea shore darlings heaven of Tamil Nadu Thoothukudi. Guests of Thoothukudi can appreciate an extraordinary sea shore occasion at the Muthu Nagar Beach. Including in sea shore exercises unwinding and viewing the nightfall sees are the absolute best activities at the sea shore. Sailing and Water Sports exercises are accessible on this sea shore.

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Kanyakumari Beach Situated at the southernmost tip of the country is the Kanyakumari Beach set apart with the juncture of the Arabian Sea the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. The Kanyakumari Beach is one of its sort with its rough shoreline and extended length of diversely hued sand. The sea shore furnishes voyagers with some stunning perspectives making it a mainstream place of interest in Kanyakumari.

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Thiruvanmiyur beach Chennai Thiruvanmiyur sea shore is one of the acclaimed sea shores in South Chennai. Thiruvanmiyur is extremely near the IT-Hub. Principle factor in this sea shore is more tidiness. The nearby network individuals are engaged with cleanup the sea shore. Its a wonderful and clean sea shore to go with family and children. Children will love to play there in the sand. Not reasonable for swimming. Foodies can appreciate the numerous food sellers and nearby food slows down around Thiruvanmiyur Beach. There are many fish slows down spots the region where you can appreciate newly arranged fish like seared fish prawn..etc. Numerous visitor houses cabins and resorts are close by on this sea shore. This sea shore was less packed sea shore when contrasted with Besant Nagar sea shore Marina Beach what not. The Nearby Thiruvanmiyur Beach is the well known Marundeeswarar Temple devoted to Lord Shiva. You could likewise visit Kalakshetra which is world acclaimed for move school and handiworks.

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Kovalam beach Chennai Covelong Beach | Kovalam Beach Chennai Covelong sea shore is otherwise called the Kovalam sea shore it is found on the way to Mahabalipuram. Its essentially fisher mens sea shore. To be exact it is situated about 40kms away from Chennai. Windsurfing and swimming exercises occur here regularly. A house of Nature one ought to never miss respecting. Sanctuaries church encompass this sea shore and a Dharga can likewise be visited close by this spot. A Dutch fortification was constructed hundreds of years back and that has been changed over into Taj Fishermans Cove which is extraordinary compared to other sea shore resorts one can remain at.

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Elliot’s beach | Besant Nagar beach | Bessie beach A vehicle free Sunday with a cool encounter is ensured at Elliots sea shore. It is renamed as Besant Nagar sea shore and is prevalently known as "Bessie". Additionally considered Edward Elliots sea shore is known for its tidiness in Chennai. It is the endpoint of Marina sea shore. As exercises are less here nearly it is most appropriate to take long strolls and calmly be at the bed of nature. To forestall any self-destructive accidents watching police are careful consistently at Bessie. A Dutch mariner lost his life while making an endeavor to spare heaps of lives from suffocating at Bessie. Consequently there is a dedication after his name and that is Karl Schmidt Memorial which is an ideal milestone for this area.

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Marina Beach Chennai All things considered to find a sense of contentment one must go to Marina Beach. It is Countrys longest sea shore and Worlds second longest sea shore with a separation of 6.45kms that runs from St. George post towards the south.

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