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Phoenix PAS – BT Series – Electronic Person Weighing Scales A Way towards Your Health Goals

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In today’s busy life it becomes difficult coping up with a healthy lifestyle trend. Where we must have been through variety of articles that constantly target on maintaining a good health it is important to understand or generate a health chart that suits your body and daily routine. But before jotting down any plan one should be clear with the purpose of the following proceedings. If you are looking for any specific changes in weight or one just needs to carry a normal weight chart. But do you have all the accessories that you need for your healthy lifestyle graph. Here one basic need becomes an all time accessible weighing scale to know if you are on the right path.

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Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. has designed one such weighing scale that accords the exact counts without any errors. PAS – BT Series are launched to serve these needs at an individual level. These scales are compact and portable that one can easily purchase for personal use. These weighing scales have beautifully crafted body. These weighing scales serve various purposes or targets that you are looking to achieve. If you have shredded some extra counts and want to keep up with your current weight then this product is apt for you to preserve your record. One such attribute is an inbuilt function that indicates whether or not individual scanning has a stable weight line. These electronic weighing scales have clear LED display that produces clear indications. Two batteries each of 1.5 V are required to begin with the weighing process.

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When everyone is heading towards digital India our devices have also put their foot forward with trends. The product is compatible with Free Android Application namely Phoenix BMI App that carries the weight data from weighing scale via Bluetooth. That means one can connect the scale with Bluetooth and once connected your weight measures will be recorded on the application that will also provide you with further more information that includes health graphs like weight BMI graphs and most importantly normal / target health range where you can easily track your performance rate and if the process followed is matching with the plan that was generated initially. In between all the activities daily household and office chores it is possible to miss out on every detail hence this application is a perfect go for you as it conserves the health records that you can easily share further on various application like social media where peeps are barging over challenges and hashtags like 10YearChallenge related to progress in health charts or progress graphs over the years. This application is available for free on Google Playstore.

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Models Capacity Accuracy Platform Size PAS-150 BT 150 kg 100 g 330 X 315 mm

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Let us take you through the furthermost peculiarities of these weighing scales. Main feature •Bright red LED display. •Indication for stable weight. •Attractive and sturdy M.S. body. •Equipped with precision strain gauge sensors. •Auto zero. •3 – key keyboard with audio indication. •Easy to operate. •Inbuilt Bluetooth functionality and compatible Android App. •Dimension : 330 mm L X 315 mm W X 39 mm H . •Extremely low power consumption. •Weight : 3.1 Kg with packing.

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•Operates on 2 AA sized Pencil cells or on AC Adapter . 2 Pencil cells and an AC Adaptor are supplied with scale . Accessories •Phoenix BMI App. The series has only one device available i.e. PAS – 150 BT that can take upto 150 kg of weight. Phoenix BMI Application aids your plans by keeping a record of your health goals. If you have any further queries related to this product or other products that we deliver you can write us in the comments section below. For any other assistance feel free to reach us by visiting our website. To know more click here.

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