NBY Series - The Electronic Baby Weighing Scales

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NBY Series - The Electronic Baby Weighing Scales

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NBY Series - The Electronic Baby Weighing Scales • Raising a toddler and caring a child are the most important phases or parent’s life. Toddlers who are still discovering and experiencing this new world need to be cared and rose in the most appropriate and healthy way. • Parents stuck between daily household and office chores still don’t miss out on proper nourishment of their children. • At Phoenix we understand this innocence and concern of hoisting their children the right way and hence we craft the foremost Electronic Baby Weighing Scales that are portable and can be easily included with other tools in a clinic. Hence a better way of serving the toddlers visiting and an assurity for parents too.

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• Parents visiting regularly for their toddlers have faith in Doctor as well as the equipments too. Like parents serve their children and a doctor serves parenting we take it as our responsibility in delivering best equipments at your clinic. • Just as one wants the best of accessories nutritious meals healthy living and proper sleep for their child we have customized this Weighing Scale with best of Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. Accessories. • We all have heard about parenting read various blogs and articles and conveyed that to parents hence it becomes important to inculcate those in your parenting expertise too. Now let us take you through another essential parenting tool that will successfully add on to your salient parenting tools list.

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Phoenix NBY Series is one of the leading Electronic Baby Weighing Scales. Joy of holding a child and affection involved is the major reason behind a parent’s smile and satisfaction that a child gets with those warmest hugs. Such warmth has been incorporated in our device’s baby bowl that holds the child comfortingly zeroing down the uneasiness. Also this device marks the accurate weight. With all the efforts involved in health checking every child and countless daily visits at your clinic it becomes difficult to keep a note of every bit. This device records the last weight of a particular child and locks the weight just at command of Hold function. These were the few brownie points of NBY Series let us take you through the main features that will help is shaping the better understanding of this device.

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Main Features : • Feather touch keyboard with audible indication. • Indication for A.C. On Nett / Gross Weight Zero Battery Battery low and kg / lb mode. • Display intensity adjustable for longer battery backup. • Retains the last weight in memory. • ‘HOLD’ for locking the display of weight. • Baby bowl made up of easy ABS Supplied with scale .

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Models Capacity Accuracy Bowel Size NBY-10 10 kg 2.0 g 550 X 300 mm NBY-20 20 kg 10.0 g 550 X 300 mm NBY-30 30 kg 10.0 g 550 X 300 mm

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As stated above NBY Series comes with three different models depending on different requirements. Not only these but the device is boxed up with various accessories to ease your work at the best of it can. This aids your understanding and product unboxing. Below mentioned are the deliverables for every device purchased. Accessories: • 6 V 4 AH rechargeable SMF battery. • 7.4 V 1.5 AH Li-Ion battery with charger. • Solar Panel. • On body rear side display. • Wireless RF extra display. • Green / Blue bright display. • Computer / Printer interface RS – 232 C . • Thermal Printer With adaptor . • Real time clock. • USB Port for computer interface.

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This was our contribution to the wonder parenting. Now when you have the perfect key for one of the essential parenting tool to be kept at your clinic what are you waiting for For any further product related queries or queries related to our other products write us in the comments section below.

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