Gold Series Jewellery Scales -Electronic Scales for Jewellery Stores

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Gold Series Jewellery Scales – User Friendly Electronic Scales for Jewellery Stores

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• Jewelleries somehow fit the attraction and fantasies of everyone. Mankind has been witnessed with some sort of jewellery and accessories. Where all fantasize over accessories it becomes a necessity to weigh every jewel before paying for any such peculiarity. • Weighing is a commonly heard term mostly in jewellery stores. Where every jewel are weighed and sold soon it became a necessity that ornaments should be sold only after appropriate weighing and hence it is now a fundamental responsibility of both the seller and the buyer to check if the jewellery matches the mentioned karats.

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• As they say Precaution Is Better Than Cure the principle can also be applied when purchasing ornaments. Looking for hologram and mentioned karats before paying for your desired jewels is always beneficial. Hence it is recommended making purchases from a certified store and vendor with proper jewellery scales rather than relying on an individual seller. • We at Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. Constantly work towards serving the needs of sellers as well as buyers. One such effort is Gold Series Jewellery Scales that mark the appropriate measures without any errors. This becomes a benefit mostly during festive and wedding season where stores are flooded with consumers looking for their desired jewels. To avoid any such hoax in the hush and rush Phoenix delivers this Series with inbuilt digital counting features that display exacts.

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Not only this but also Gold Series Jewellery Scales are incorporated with multiple detailing that narrows down the prospects of miscalculations. Features include • Red bright LED display. • 24 bit - ADC High resolution . • Feather touch keyboard with audible indication during entry. • Display intensity adjustable for longer battery back-up. • Memory accumulation. • Battery voltage display on screen. • Carat counting percentage and GSM Gram per square meter . • Model with lower / better resolution are also available.

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Models Capacity Accuracy Platter Size GOLD - 120 P 120 g 0.01 g 125 mm dia GOLD - 300 P 300 g 0.01 g 125 mm dia GOLD - 300 Q 300 g 0.005 g 125 mm dia GOLD - 600 P 600 g 0.01 g 125 mm dia GOLD - 1000 P 1000 g 0.01 g 125 mm dia

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These customizations minimize the work and ease the process with all the minor details each Scale is cased with add-ons and hassle free configurations and functions. Accessories include • 6 V 4 AH rechargeable battery SMF battery. • 7.4 V 1.5 AH Li-Ion battery with charger. • Solar Panel. • Extra Display At the back side of the scale or detachable at 3 meters . • Wireless RF extra display. • Green bright LED display. • Computer / Printer interface RS – 232 C . • USB Port For computer interface . • Thermal printer With adaptor . • Real time clock. • Wind Shield.

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These are the details involved in the Series. With simplified customizations vendors find these Scales convenient to be kept at stores. Apart from delivering the products Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. Take into consideration that all our customers have helped us in the successful client base we have today and all is because of the assistance we provide to every customer. Hence our after sales services are feasible and an easy point of contact for our clients to reach us and get their errors fix within least amount of time. For any further queries regarding Gold Series Jewellery Scales or other products crafted by Phoenix write us in the comments section below or feel free to contact us. Visit our website for more such information and varieties that we serve catering to every market.

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