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Company Profile:

Company Profile November 2015


Introduction   MCP Performance Plastics is a dynamic developer and manufacturer of advanced, custom co-extruded and thermoformed, high quality thermoplastics for a wide range of turnkey packaging solutions. Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, MCP  has become a leader in research and development of high barrier structures made of CPET. In 2001 as part of it’s expansion strategy, Plazit Industries purchased 50.1% of MCP (located on Kibbutz Hamaapil ).

MCP is a subsidiary company of:

MCP is a subsidiary company of Plazit Industries Mapal Plazit 2001 MPP Panchim MCP On-Tray® Plazit - 50.1% Hamaapil – 49.9% Polyraz Polygal


Company Industry Location Plazit 2001 Plastic Sheets Israel Panchim Plastic Sheets Bulgaria Polygal Israel Thermoplastic Sheets Israel Polygal Vostock Thermoplastic Sheets Russia Polygal Sud Thermoplastic Sheets Chile Polygal Inc. Thermoplastic Sheets USA Iberica Acrylic Sheets Spain Madaf Plazit Plastic Food Containers Israel MCP CPET, APET, PP trays Israel Mapal Polypropylene Sheets Israel Polyraz Plastic Sheets Israel Subsidiaries


Profile Founding Year : 1976 No. of Employees : 150 Site Location: Kibbutz Hamaapil , Israel

MCP has…..:

MCP has….. More than 30 years experienced in the plastic ind. 150 employees, 3 shifts a day, 24/6. Extrusion lines: 3 Thermoforming lines: 14 400 M trays in 2014: 70% - C-PET, 15% - A-PET, 15% - PP. Market share of approx. 15% of the total global market. Yearly average growth of 10% during the last 5 years. Investment plan for the coming 3-5 years is to increase and strengthen it’s existing markets and find new markets.


  Million pcs. per year Remarks Current status 400 Based on 100% in house production and 24h - 6d a week.       Immidiate action (1) 75 Moving to 24h in 7d a week. Immidiate action (2) 50 Outsourcing of PP and APET, both rolls and finished products. Mid term action 30 Additional thermoformer, already ordered, available in Q2, 2016. Long term action 50 Additional thermoformer, planned for H2 2016 Total of additional capacity 205 By the end of 2016.       Total Capacity 605 In the end of 2016. MCP's Potential Capacity

MCP Supplies Globally to all markets:

MCP Supplies Globally to all markets In the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Singapore and many more….. Food Processors Airlines Retail Meals-On-Wheels Schools

What makes MCP unique ?:

What makes MCP unique ? Ability to provide: Quality products. Tailor-made trays. Drawings & design in-house. Molds at reasonable costs & efficiency. Excellent interpersonal skills. Excellent and prompt communication. Good logistic services. Reasonable commercial conditions.

“Growing Green” :

“Growing Green ” Carbon Foot Print Project. Degradable Materials. Lower gauge as possible. Re-use our own material only. Maximizing container load.

The Products: C-PET:

The Products: C-PET Heat Resistance: -40 0 to 220 0 C. Oxygen Barrier: Excellent. Color: White or Black. Applications: Sealing machines, lidding films and MAP. Food types : Frozen , Chilled and microwave/ oven heated food . Ready meals, pasteurized, Baked goods.

The Products: A-PET:

The Products: A-PET Heat Resistance: -40 0 to 65 0 C. Oxygen Barrier: Excellent. Color: Clear , White or Black. Applications: Sealing machines, lidding films and MAP. Food types : Frozen , Chilled/ Fresh food. Agriculture (Fruits & vegetables), Bakeries.

The Products: PP:

The Products: PP Heat Resistance: 0 0 to 125 0 C . Oxygen Barrier: Very low. Can be improved with EVOH. Color: Clear , White or Black. Applications: Sealing machines, lidding films and MAP. Food types : Frozen , Chilled/ Fresh and microwave heated food . Ready meals, Agriculture (Fruits & vegetables), Fresh meat, Baked goods. Pasteurization – only with EVOH. Frozen Food – only with Deep Freeze additive.

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