how to import data fro a database like ms-access into ms-excel

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You can import data from a database like MS-Access into MS-Excel for further analysis using a query. While importing the data you can filter and sort it also. The steps are easy to perform!


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Import Data into Excel from a database like Access

Slide 2: A presentation by

Slide 3: Click on Data Select Import External data Click on New Database Query…

Slide 4: 4. Click on MS-Access Database and then OK

Slide 5: 5. Find the database file like ‘northwind.mdb’ as shown in the next Slides

Slide 6: 6. The final path to the File Northwind.mdb is shown here

Slide 7: 7. Now we look for the data to import

Slide 8: 8. We have selected ‘Contact Title’, ‘Contact Name’ and ‘Phone’ from the customers table

Slide 9: 9. Before importing the data we can also apply filters to import specific data

Slide 10: 10. Here we wish to import all data with ‘contact name ‘ beginning with ‘m’

Slide 11: 11. Data is also sorted

Slide 12: 12. You can save the query at this point to run it automatically later

Slide 13: 13. Select starting cell where the data will be imported into Excel

Slide 14: 14. All the data with contact name beginning with ‘m’ and sorted in ‘ascending order’ has been imported!

Slide 15: Thanks for watching!

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