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Japan is taken into account a pricey place for journey, and even costlier for all those pondering residing in this article. But how high-priced is Japan truly? Please read on to determine the average price of living in Japan compared to the US greenback along with the UK pound sterling to view if a potential go to Japan is read more within your funds!


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Cost of Living in Japan Japan is considered an expensive destination for travel, and even more expensive for those thinking of living here. But how expensive is Japan really? Read on to find out the average cost of living in Japan in comparison to the US dollar and the UK pound sterling to see if a potential move to Japan is within your budget!

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Food and Drink Groceries can be up to 80% more expensive than towns and smaller cities in the UK, with many foods, such as tomatoes, wine and beef, more than twice the price. They can also be about 20% higher than the US. Eating out in Tokyo can be cheap, with access to fantastic local dishes forming part of the on-the-go urban culture. A lunchtime meal will cost around $6 to $9 (¥665 to (¥1,000) at a fast food or budget restaurant, and a three-course meal for two at a good restaurant will cost about $46 (¥5,000). Avid tippers from the US will also make savings on tipping, which is seen as insulting in Japan.

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Entertainment There is almost no limit to the amount of sensory stimulation Tokyo can offer, from eating and drinking to cinemas, theatres and experiences that combine elements of theatre, eating, music and light shows — for the example the Tokyo Robot Restaurant Cabaret Show, which costs around $73 (¥8,000) per person. Entertainment can be expensive: entrance and transfers to the Ghibli museum costs $78, a Geisha cabaret show costs $62 (¥6,800) and a two-hour Tokyo Bay Dinner and Cruise with Oiran Show costs $101 (¥11,000.)

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Travel Tokyo’s metro is cheap, with one-way tickets costing around $1.50 to $3 (¥165 to ¥330), and a day pass around $6.50 (¥720). A three- kilometre taxi ride in the city might cost around $9 (¥995) to $12 (¥1330) — taxis are expensive compared with many nations. Petrol prices in Japan will delight Europeans and horrify Americans: the Japanese pay around $1.24 (¥137) per litre (UK: $1.56, USA: $0.78).

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Money Saving Tips Do not attempt to haggle or bargain with people selling things in Japan as it’s very rare and can often be construed as rude and offensive. But you might ask for a discount. This may come in the form of a loyalty card, which offers discount for multiple purchases. Website:

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