Run Piggy Run

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Wolf and pig have a running race


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Run piggy run!

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Wolf exclaims “ If I win, I get to eat you all up... And if you win.....

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Piglet puts his game face on. ON YOUR MARKS!

Slide 6: 

Wolf gets his game face on. GET SET!

Slide 7: 

GO! ..........And there off! Round the bend, this way, that way and......

Slide 8: 

CRUNCH! The wolf stepped on poor Mr Snail. The snail slowly makes his way off the track with his broken shell.

Slide 9: 

But the race must go on! Piglet is now in the front. “You will not catch me Mr Wolf, no t by the hair on my chiny chin chin!”

Slide 10: 

Wolf growls..”OW NO YOU DONT!” The Wolf leaps on to the poor piglet his stomach growling and his foot still saw from c rushing the poor snail and........

Slide 11: 

Ripped off piglets curly tail and ate it.”My tail!” cried the piglet!!!!

Slide 12: 

The big bad wolf ran off with the tail when he tripped on a rather large rock! As he fell he burped the tail back up!

Slide 13: 

The pig grabbed his tail and dashed to the finishing line and came 1st!

Slide 14: 

And piglet lived happily ever after with his tail! As for the wolf...

Slide 15: 

Yes in hospital with bits of snail shell stuck in his foot and his stomach still growling and empty.... The snail ended up having 6 children that were expert wolf chases!!!!!!!

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