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Using Wordpress Blogs By Johannes Rump

This is the Wordpress Dashboard : 

This is the Wordpress Dashboard From here you will do everything you can do on your blog.

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How to write a post and edit one How to change the appearance of your blog How to change your password in Wordpress How to create a blog with Wordpress Contents How to login to your blog. How to change the email address in Wordpress There are also lots of other things you can do with Wordpress but these are just the basics that you need to know.

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Click on posts. 2. Then click on add new. 3.From there on you can write your post in the given areas. 4. Once you have written your post you use the ‘save draft’ option at the bottom of the page. And to publish it use the ‘publish’ button. Once you have saved or published your post Wordpress confirms that by showing this bar at the top of the page. Back

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To edit a post again click on posts but after then click on edit. You will end up with a screen looking like this. From this screen you can also delete and preview all posts whether they are published or not. From there on chose your post and select edit and save etc. in the same way you did when you wrote a new post. Back

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1. Go to the Wordpress home page and select ‘sign up now!’ 2. Fill out the form and click on ‘sign up now!’ which is at the bottom of the page. 3. From there on just follow the prompts. When you are finished with the sign up process you will have your own blog! Back

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To login to your blog you can either go to the Wordpress homepage or by using the Login button under the ‘Meta’ section at on the sidebar of your blog. You will then come to your blog’s dashboard Back

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Back 1. To change your password you go to users on the sidebar of your dashboard. 2. Then click on your profile. 3. You end up with this. Now scroll to the bottom of the page 4. You end up with this and then you put your new password in and click save.

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To change your e-mail address do the same thing you did when you changed your password but this time only scroll half down the page to the section that looks like this. From there on you change your e-mail address and then click save at the bottom of the page. Back

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1. To change the background of your blog click on appearance in the sidebar of your blogs dashboard. 2. Click on themes (for the background) or widgets( these are the things that you put on your blog sidebar). 3. In whichever option you choose you can either drag the widgets into the sidebar and click save or simply click on your favourite background and click save. Back

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