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Cinderella .

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Cinderella is a beautiful young girl who was in love with Prince Charming .

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But Shrek was in love with Cinderella and he was jealous Of the Prince who asked her to marry him ! And of course she said YES ! !

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Shrek had a mission to kill the Prince so Cinderella would Marry him instead but Shrek was too scared To kill him. So he planned to Kidnap the prince so Then Cinderella would fall in love with him.

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So Shrek climbed to the top of the tallest tower to kidnap the Prince

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As Shrek got to the top of the tower he found there was guards outside Prince Charming`s window ,so he had to Find another way into the palace. So he found a back door to sneak into the palace

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As Shrek snuck into the palace a guard walked past and he ran into the closest room .

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And it was Cinderella`s room . Cinderella was fast asleep so she didn`t hear Shrek sneaking in .

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Shrek peaked through the keyhole to see if the guards were gone yet and they were so he quickly ran out the door and down the hall.

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Prince Charming was just standing there so Shrek said I am going to kidnap you! So I can marry Cinderella! So Prince Charming said that they shall have a fight And whoever wins marry’s Cinderella !

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So they had a fight . And Shrek won !

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But while they were having a fight . . . Cinderella found someone new

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And by the time Shrek got back to the palace Cinderella was already married to Taylor Lautner .

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The End . .

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