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What Makes a Religion?:

What Makes a Religion? Is what unites us greater than that which divides us? Area of Interaction: Health and Social Education Write This on a new page in your books.

Task 1:

Task 1 In Groups put a title in the middle of a page and call it World Religions Now try and think of as many religions as you can and add them around this as a spider diagram. Question: Why do we have religions?

Religion as an explanation:

Religion as an explanation What mysteries of life can religion be a way of explaining? • How the world was created • Why it was created • Why there is life and death • What happens when people die • Why there is suffering

To Help make Sense of Why we are Here:

To Help make Sense of Why we are Here • A supreme power or absolute power – a god or gods • Who or what created the world and all the living beings • Dimensions beyond the physical world -- the spiritual world • How to lead a good life on Earth and in an afterlife

What Is Common About Religions?:

What Is Common About Religions? A God (monotheism) or gods (polytheism) Books of Worship Prayer or worship Places of Worship Laws Clothing? Symbols Religious Festivals: weddings, funerals, births etc. For any of the religions you have written down can you add any information about the above.

Create a Religion:

Create a Religion Outside of the worlds major religion, occasional new religions occur, often ones which are based on others. If you were to make up a religion that you would want others to join what would be the main points about this new religious groups. Use the ideas on the previous slide to help.

Next Task:

Next Task Get the Mixed up Religion Cards. In a group try and put them into the right religions Buddhism Sikhism Islam Christianity Hindu Judaism Is that it – check this list out

Where in the World?:

Where in the World? On a blank map of the world, colour in the location of the main religions in the world and create a key.

Create a poster using this information:

Create a poster using this information Place of Worship Symbols Holy Book Items associated with this religion Make a Table in your book and fill it in with this information.

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