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Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions offers evaporative air conditioners that provides you cool air around your home just like “sea breeze”. These ACs’ works as a natural process in cooling the small or large area consistently with 100% fresh air. To know more, visit the website now.


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Get Evaporative Cooling from Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions:

Get Evaporative Cooling from Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions

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No matter your space; residential, commercial or industrial, there is no job too big or too small for Tailored Heating & Cooling Solutions . Supply & Installation, Service & Repairs : How Evaporative Cooling Works: Have you ever sat by a river or on the beach on a warm day and wondered why the temperature seemed more bearable?

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This evaporation absorbs the heat in the air and effectively cools it down. Thus, the humble ‘sea breeze’ is nature’s very own evaporative cooler! An evaporative air conditioner works on the same concept; hot air from the outside enters the cooling unit (typically mounted on your roof) where it is passed through an exchange and cooled down, and also filtered . This exchange are specially designed moistened Chillcel ® pads. A fan then blows the cooled air out of the vents in your home, office or space making the environment much more comfortable.

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The hot air that initiates the whole process is forced out of your home or office via open doors and windows. A complete recycling of the air within your environment takes place roughly every two minutes . Why Evaporative Air Conditioning? 00% fresh air is delivered Doors and windows can be left open on hot days Greatly reduces costs of staying cool

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Lower purchase and installation costs Guarantees fresh, natural, healthy “lifestyle” cooling Allergy free, asthma-friendly environment* Air is completely recycled every 2 minutes Full ventilation drives our odours and stale air Safe for indoor plants Does not dry out eyes or skin.

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This totally natural process cools your home or office evenly and consistently with 100% fresh air. The air is filtered and is far healthier for those who suffer from skin irritations, itchy eyes and respiratory problems such as asthma. Refrigerated systems that can circulate stale recycled air are a poor choice for people with such ailments, particularly those who suffer breathing difficulties. Evaporative cooling filters and cleans the air which is not only great for general health and well-being, but it is the ideal choice for allergy and asthmatic sufferers.*

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By pumping fresh, cool air into your house consistently, and pushing hot, stale air out, you’re not only making your local environment more comfortable to live and or work in, you’re also effectively ventilating your space to boot. Kitchen odours or stale air can be quickly and easily expelled from the home by turning the unit on or operating it in fan only mode. (in the event the temperature outside is not so hot as to warrant the cooling mechanism being used ).

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