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Cocktail cakes help you celebrate your adult milestones. Cake kits and cake mixes make adult cake ideas like margarita cakes easy and fun to present.


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TRAK Marketing Confidential Celebrate Your Sweet Adult Life With Spirited Sweets.

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Experience Cocktail Inspired Cakes Adult tastes for your Adult Spirit TRAK Marketing Confidential

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Complete Baking Kits Helping you Create, Bake & Serve TRAK Marketing Confidential Recipe App for ideas Baking Cups for serving Molds and Silicone Stand Serving dishes and trays

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Let Your Imagination Run Wild Experiment with your own cocktail inspired cakes and share them with the community with our Free iOS and Android App. TRAK Marketing Confidential

Food and drink come together as both personal expression and social celebration:

Food and drink come together as both personal expression and social celebration I like to create I like to reward my guests with something special I enjoy small indulgences I’m a foodie and enjoy talking about unusual food and drink TRAK Marketing Confidential


Mission Inspire home bakers to create and celebrate our adult journey with adult flavors and impressive presentations TRAK Marketing Confidential

Our Offerings:

Our Offerings TRAK Marketing Confidential Baking Kits and Baking Supplies Recipes and Information Community and Lifestyle 6 kits for different types of bakers. Each kit comes with baking molds, baking papers, serving dishes. Hi-Proof Baking Mixes. Extra Supplies. Details can be found at: Dozens of cocktail inspired cake and cookie recipes Hi and Lo proof versions (Hi proof uses more cocktail, Lo proof uses less). Party, gift and celebration ideas. Details can be found at: Customers can rate recipes Customers can submit recipes With each recipe is a story of celebration Facebook and Pinterest community sites

Why Cover Cakes Under the Influence?:

Why Cover Cakes Under the Influence? Our products turn home makers into heroes Easy to use and fun to bake Inspires creative baking that adds a personal touch Guests are impressed and talk about the treats Our products photograph well The final baked items are “iconic”. Pictures convey the idea and piques reader interest. Content producers can add value Exclusive recipes, party ideas, tie-ins, attractive advertiser content. Demystify baking with alcohol Impressive entertainment related dessert and gift ideas TRAK Marketing Confidential

Coverage Concepts:

Coverage Concepts Product and Holiday Gift Reviews: Entertainer Kit – Perfect for parties and hosting ($89.99) Friends and Family Kit – Perfect for smaller more intimate gatherings ($49.99) Martini Cake Kit – Create one large special Birthday or Anniversary cake ($49.99) Romance Kit – Two Under the Influence. Micro baking for two ($29.99) Cocktail Cookie Cutter Kit ($19.99) Custom Recipe Development Infographics / Guest blogs Alcohol “burn off” rate based on time and temperature in the oven Calorie comparison vs. cupcakes Party ideas The modern alternative to the rum cake – Martini cakes as gifts Other collaborations TRAK Marketing Confidential

SUPPORT Let us know how we can help:

SUPPORT Let us know how we can help Online resources Custom recipe development P hotography and library available Byline or white label article production Contact: Ken Treske , (847) 997-5174 TRAK Marketing Confidential

Readers will celebrate with Spirited Sweets for their Spirited Lives.:

TRAK Marketing Confidential Readers will celebrate with Spirited Sweets for their Spirited Lives.

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