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Print Media gives a stand to your brand recognition. Innothoughts Systems Pvt. Ltd. brings a wide range of Print Media services, It is the best digital marketing and online advertising company in pune. For more information visit :- or Contact:-8888988882


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Print Media Advertising:

Print M edia Advertising - Innothoughts

Print Media :

Print Media Print Media means of mass communication in the form of printed publications, such as newspapers and magazines. The print media is an effective way to communicate with people locally or on international level. Attracting media attention can help expand your influence and name recognition in target communities. Print Media gives a stand to your brand recognition. The color, text, design, etc helps in recalling of your brand to your end users. Print Media plays a vital role in any business, small or big all has got its value added.

Advantages of Print Media Advertising :

Advantages of Print Media Advertising Print Media Advertising Drives Memory Print Offers Unparalleled Flexibilitys Print Ads Have Staying Power Print Builds Awareness A Place for Every Budget Combine Media for Greatest Impact

Types of Print media Advertising :

Types of Print media Advertising Newspapers Newspapers are the most popular form of print media. They are generally delivered at home, or are available at newsstands, and it is the most inexpensive way to reach a huge mass of people quickly.  Different types of newspapers cater to various audiences, and one can select the particular category  Newsletters A newsletter is a publication that mostly covers one main topic. Sometimes, people have to subscribe for the newsletters, or many a time, they are even free. Newsletters are generally used as information sources for neighborhood, communities, and groups having an interest about that particular topic, or event. They are also used for promotional purpose, political campaigns, or for causes. Magazines Magazines provide detailed articles on various topics, like food, fashion, sports, finance, lifestyle, and so on. Magazines are published weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, and many of them are sold all over the world .

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Banners Banners at many places are made of cloth or paper and are used to show slogans, logos, or some messages. It is also used for advertising brands in exhibitions, giving out the names of products, or services that are being provided. Like banners, posters also come under the same category for the same purpose. Billboards Billboards have mostly become digital, but they qualify under the category of print media―after all, the advertisements are printed on the billboard. These include text and graphics―mostly as a combination―so as to make it more appealing . Brochures A brochure, also known as pamphlet, is a kind of booklet that contains the details of the company, or organization. Generally, brochures are for takeaway, so as to keep the brand in the mind of the audience

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Books Books are the oldest form of print media that are used as a way of communication and information piece. They give an opportunity to writers to spread their knowledge about a particular subject to the whole world. They are a diverse platform comprising varied topics that include literature, history, fiction stories, and many more, that not only increase our knowledge but also entertain us. Flyers A normal flyer is also a part of print media. Some of the big companies may not use this type for advertising of targeting the market, but for small organizations, it can be very useful and can help in generating business. A flyer should always be crisp and eye-catching so that it attracts people's attention.

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Why choose Innothoughts ? Innothoughts Systems Pvt. Ltd . brings a wide range of Print Media services such as Brochure, Catalogues, Envelopes, Letter head, Posters / Banner design, Flyer, Business / Visiting cards, Newspaper ads etc

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