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Immigration to Denmark Made Easy

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Facts about Denmark

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Name: Kongeriget Denmark - The Kingdom of Denmark Form of government: Constitutional monarchy with parliamentary democracy . Since October 2011, the government has consisted of the Social Democratic Party, the Social Liberal Party and the Socialist People’s Party

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Demographics of Denmark

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Population: 5.6m inhabitants Population density: Approx. 130 inhabitants per sq. km Average life expectancy: Men 77.3 years, women 81.6 years Capital: København (Copenhagen), 1.213.822 inhabitants in the metropolitan area Major cities: Aarhus 319.094, Odense 168.798, Aalborg 126.556 Language: The official language is Danish. English is widely spoken. Religion: 80 % belong to the National Lutheran Church

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Economy of Denmark

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Currency: Danish krone (DKK) GDP per capita: 278.000 DKK / 36.646 EUR

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Climate of Denmark


CLIMATE Denmark has a mild and temperate climate. It rains or snows every second day (during the wintertime it snows seven days a month).

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Denmark is a Scandinavian/Nordic country and member of the European Union and consists of the peninsula, Jutland, and many islands, most notably Zealand, Funen, Lolland, Falster and Bornholm, as well as hundreds of minor islands and has more than 7.500 km of coastline. The highest point in the country is only 170 metres above sea level.

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Why Denmark ?

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B etter job opportunities Incredible living conditions They recruits qualified and skilled professionals more often than not Best Country in the EU to work, study and live Stable Economy Friendly people

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Who can Help You ?

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An immigration expert who has a lot of experience Consultant should be accredited with concerned authorities Immigration to Denmark is a tedious process, thus you need the right guidance, which only a seasoned immigration expert can provide You should ask for their advice, so that you immigration process becomes smoother and your visa gets accepted the first time itself

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