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One of the many concerns that Muslims experience in non-Muslim areas is taking food that is not Halal certified. Are they sure that their favorite restaurant prepares their meals with careful consideration of their culture? Hence, establishments should find it necessary to get halal certification for Muslim brothers and sisters. When you certify with us, you will gain access to an extensive network of halal procurers and customers. We will also send you private listings that will provide you with exposure to new solicitors at no additional cost. Get Halal certified today at Halal Watch World! Halal Watch World Mail: Halal Watch World LLC P.O. Box 242, Glenmont, NY, 12077 1(877) HALAL-WW 1(877) 425-2599 Email:


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Benefits of Halal Certification for Business  


Halal is an Arabic word, mostly used by Muslims, that describes food that is permissible to eat according to Islamic law.


Below are other benefits of Halal Certification through the help of Halal Watch World for your business:


Great Marketing Tool


Furthermore, according to research, meeting halal certification in the US will mean that you will have access to an extra 8 million Halal consumers throughout the US, and over 1.6 billion consumers across the world. That means you will open more opportunity for your company.


Confirmation for Muslim Customer


When you display a halal certificate on a product or the wall of your company or restaurant, it clears the doubt your Muslim costumers or prospective client might have about eating haram food.


Maintenance of Good and Proper Hygiene


Though it may seem halal certification favors only Muslims, when you examine the factors that are involved in the given halal certificate, one will realize halal products are always healthy and safe to eat.


Increase Export Potential


When you are planning to take your products overseas or export to other countries, getting the products accepted in some countries might be a problem due to the acceptability issue. By getting a halal certification, you will break these barriers and also help your importing consumers to be sure that your product is Halal.


Increase Your Sales and Revenue


With halal certification, you will be able to get more customers to visit your restaurant or buy your product. By successfully satisfying halal consumers, they turn into a lead and help you bring more customers to patronize your products.

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