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An air cooler is an effective method of cooling air. The way this works is by converting warm air in a room into cool & moist air by means of water. Portable air coolers tend to use chemicals to cool the air however, most other coolers use a natural process (water) to cool a room. Desert Air Cooler - Personal Air Cooler - Room Air Cooler - Symphony Limited is the most popular name among the world for air cooler. The company has been doing well business with entire range of air cooler for residence, commercial and industrialareas. We are professional air cooler manufacturer who has been delivering best quality of air cooler since 1988. Symphony is one of the trustworthy brand for air cooler lover, since we believe in customer satisfaction and providing air cooler according to customer requirement and demand. All the product introduced by Symphony are highly efficient ,cost effective and long-lasting. Customer have wide range of option for choosing air cooler for their offices and home from Symphony. Even though there are various important factor that should be consider at the time of buying new air cooler. Follow on Social Media Links


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+91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000 Best Air Coolers 2019 in India

Slide 2: About Symphony Limited Symphony Limited is one of the leading air cooling brands of this modern world. The company has been doing business since 1988 and since then it has been offering some excellent Air Coolers for industrial, commercial and residential usage. The passing course of time, Symphony introduces products that are not only efficient but highly user-friendly and extremely affordable. +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

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Slide 4: Types of Air Coolers Desert Coolers Personal Coolers Room Coolers Different Types of Air Coolers: +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 5: Personal Coolers A personal cooler is ideal for personal use as the name suggests. It is a small portable cooler that fits well in a room. These coolers too use the same concept of cooling air using water. They are extremely light and also called tower air coolers. +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 6: Desert Coolers Desert air cooler that is usually fits outside a window. It tends to be big in size and is quite effective for a fairly big room. This is also known as a window coolers that comes in many sizes. +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 7: Room Coolers A room air cooler is an indoor version of an air cooler. It tends to occupy a lot of space in room depending on the size. This air coolers are effective and makes use of water. They are portable, the bigger ones may be hard to move around. +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 8: +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000 Air Coolers Benefits Many benefits of using an air cooler is as listed – Affordable & Cost Effective Air cooler is comparatively less expensive than an air conditioner. Flexibility Flexible even if doors & windows are open and gives increasing cooling effect in the surrounding area. Improve Level of Moisture It helps improve humidity of the room, unlike an air conditioner and a fan which do the opposite. Health Benefits Air cooler helps reduce dryness in the air and blows in fresh air into a room

Slide 9: Symphony Limited - Awards & Recognition Won awards for Best SME – Overall and Best SME – Manufacturing. South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA) Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 10: Symphony Limited - Certifications +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 11: Symphony House +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 12: Contact Us Symphony Limited Symphony House FP12-TP50, Bodakdev , Off SG Highway, Ahmedabad-380054. India +91-79-66211111 +91-79-66211140 +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

Slide 13: Symphony Limited To Know More Information about / Symphonylimited / symphonylimited /company/symphony-limited- ahmedabad - india Please Stay in Touch Visit at - +91-79-66211111 +91-79-49060000

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