Five Sure Shot Ways to Become a School Therapist

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Want to be a professional School Therapist? Check out this PPT that provide you the five sure shot ways to become a school therapist. For more info visit @


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Five Sure Shot Ways to Become a School Therapist:

Five Sure Shot Ways to Become a School Therapist

Figuring Out the Interests :

Figuring Out the Interests Even though school therapists work in a school setting, the variety of people which they deal with can greatly vary. Some therapists may work with children suffering from mental health issues, while there may be others with health challenges. There can also be students from pre-school or older teens. Thus it is essential to find one’s interest which can greatly help in narrowing down the kind of job one desires.

Revising the Resume :

Revising the Resume Before going for that all important and life changing interview, it is essential to do some homework of one’s own. This includes going through the resume again and again to ensure that you don’t get stumped when any question related to the same is asked. It is also essential to check that the necessary skills have been highlighted so as to catch the employer’s attention.

Expanding one’s Network :

Expanding one’s Network There is an immense amount of competition for school therapy jobs. The number of vacancies for working in hospitals and such other related pages is a lot more than what is available for schools. Under such circumstances it is essential to expand one’s network. This can be done by talking to former classmates and colleagues and other people directly or indirectly associated with this industry. Attending therapy related conferences and joining state associations can be equally beneficial .

Obtaining a Pediatric Certification:

Obtaining a Pediatric Certification It is not necessary to acquire a pediatric certification of this field. However, getting an occupational or a physical therapy related certifications can greatly better the chances of getting a job.

Hiring the Services of a Staffing Agency:

Hiring the Services of a Staffing Agency Apart from doing the networking, as stated in the previous slide, if one were to hire the services of staffing agency then it can considerably increase the chances of getting a better job and that too earlier. This is because a staffing agency has a much wider reach than what an individual can do on his/her own capacity.



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