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Bioluminescence by: Abby domalewicz

What is bioluminescence?:

What is bioluminescence? Bioluminescence is two chemicals mixed together to make light. The two chemicals are luciferin and luciferase. This is the glowing mushroom.

What animals are bioluminescent?:

What animals are bioluminescent? These are some animals that are bioluminescent

How is bioluminescence an adaptation?:

How is bioluminescence an adaptation? Bioluminescence is an adaptation of plants and animals. It is an adaptation because the animals and plants that have this live in dark places and they need some light to see their food and know where the food is.

What plants are bioluminescent?:

What plants are bioluminescent? There is only one plant that we know of tha is bioluminescent and that is the glowing mushroom. That does not mean that there aren’t some that we do not know about still out there in the world. this is a picture of the glowing mushroom and its amazing talents.

What is the most common bioluminescent animal?:

What is the most common bioluminescent animal? the firefly is the most c ommon bioluminescent animal. What is the most common Bioluminescence animal?

are fireflies and glow worms the same thing? :

are fireflies and glow worms the same thing? Yes glow worms and fire flies are the same thing.. Glow worms are the larvae stage of fireflies.

What are the two chemicals that make bioluminescence?:

What are the two chemicals that make bioluminescence? The two chemicals that make bioluminescence are luciferase and Luciferin .

How does bioluminescence work?:

How does bioluminescence work? Bioluminescence works with two chemicals that mix together to make the light that we see. The light that we see is more of a ghostly glow and that is what we see in the dark. Sometimes you can see the light in the sun.

How can you find bioluminescence?:

How can you find bioluminescence? You can see them in spring and summer months.

are there more animals?:

are there more animals? Yes there are more Animals.

The sub that they use.:

The sub that they use. This is the sub that they use to find this kind of animals deep in the sea. This is a special machine that scientists use to find these animals .

Here are some fun facts!:

Here are some fun facts! Bioluminescence is made by two chemicals . The chemicals mix together to make light . That is how you get the ghostly glow. The animas that have this mostly live in the deep sea and some lake the animals have this because it is so dark.

This is a graph.:

This is a graph. This graph is about bioluminescence and where to find it. If you look at this you can see the different place you can find it.

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