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Laylo Roshni Apney Hath Mai.

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Scope of presentation. Introduction. Solar energy. Our products. Our Goals and vision. Facts, Figures And Guidelines. SWOT analysis. Marketing. Current investment in solar energy. Location. Differentiate advantages. Conclusion.

Introduction. : 

Introduction. Solar energy as its name shows the energy of the sun. since the beginning of mankind we have used the energy of the sun to dry clothes and food but it wasn’t until 1954 scientists in the United States worked out a way to use the sun to create electricity. Now our company brings this system in Pakistan from Germany and China in a very suitable price and with new innovation.



Our Products. : 

Our Products. Solar Panels. Solar street lights. Solar Water Heater. Solar water pump Other Products.

Solar Panel. : 

Solar Panel. Solar electricity panels, Photovoltaic panels is the basic element of each photovoltaic system which produces electricity directly from sunlight. These are available in 5 watts to 160 watts. Depend on its price It has two more components, battery and solar inverter. Reliable. Easy to install. 25 yrs granted Competitive price. How it Works..

Solar street lights. : 

Solar street lights. PV power street light contribute to the safety, security and general standard of living in remote areas all over the world. So through this we can save coal & hydro electricity which can be used for other purpose.

Solar water heater : 

Solar water heater Solar energy company. Also provide water heater in a very competitive price that can be use for water heading.

Solar Water Pump. : 

Solar Water Pump. Solar water pump is also one of our renewed product. This is also very suitable for agriculture e.g. Pakistan, India,

Our other products. : 

Our other products. Solar Road Traffic Lights. Solar LED Lights For Billboards.

Our products. : 

Our products. Solar Mobile Charger. Solar Laptop Charger.

Our Products. : 

Our Products. Solar Torch. Solar Decoration Light.

Goal and Vision. : 

Goal and Vision. The target of the company is to get a lion share of the very limited industry of solar energy in Pakistan. We are committed to giving our clients the highest level of service possible. “Our goal is to bring this clean, abundant and renewable source of energy home to you. We believe, that with your help, solar energy technology can change the world. So welcome…. to the cutting edge of human history! Quality Is Your Best Investment”

Fact, Figure and Guideline. : 

Fact, Figure and Guideline. This is a fact figure that we consume such energy, which raise our utility bills. By using solar energy we can reduce our utility bills. This is the one time pain to buy solar product and rest of year we can live comfortably.

Our Competitive Price List. : 

Our Competitive Price List.

SWOT Analysis. : 

SWOT Analysis. S= Strength. We are among the few sellers of solar energy products in Pakistan. So we can create good reputation of the company through competitive price. Latest technology. W= Weakness. As the business is new in Pakistan, that’s why there is lack of awareness in people. Only one branch O= Opportunity. As we are starting a new unique venture that has a limited market in Pakistan, so we can be dominant in the industry. Greater variety of Products. Select right location Select right market target. It’s a profitable business and we think that we can recover our investment in a short time and can earn maximum profit. T= Threat. As Pakistan is not a stable country so the political crises may effect our business in a bad way. Low level income group may not afford the product of our business. But we can overcome these threats through our contingency plans

Contingency plan : 

Contingency plan Insurance during transit in ware house. And 10,00,000 as a cash reserve for any contingence.

Marketing. : 

Marketing. Promotion of the product . The product would be initially target towards the cooperate sector who are in severe condition of electricity deficit and then it would target towards the masses.

Creative Idea. : 

Creative Idea.

Major plans for promotion. : 

Tie-up with the major roads in the country. Tie-up with all the major 4-star and 5-star hotels. Visits to the schools, colleges & universities by handling the sample products and awaring the students about the product. Special incentives and promotional strategies for the hotels, restaurants and health clubs on generating excellent sales. Include in Heavy visual and audio advertisement across all the national channels and radio. Print media advertising through billboards in all major cities and through leading newspapers and magazines. Major plans for promotion.

Innovative Idea. : 

Innovative Idea.

Current investment. : 

Current investment. Total capital 50 laces = 50,00,000 Location DHA Rent shop: security=2lacs Rent per month= 50000 Solar panel: 1=3400 3400*200= 6,80,000 Solar inverter: 1=1250 1250*50=62,500 Batteries: 12V = 920 920* 1000=9,20,000 Water heater: 1=1800 1800*50=90,000 Water pump: 1=4500 4500*10=45,000 Street light: 1=15,800 15,800*30= 4,74,000

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Solar LED light 12V: 1=260 260*2000=5,20,000 Solar fan: 1=2200 2200*50=1,10,000 Mobile charger 12V: 1=1300 1300*20=26000 Laptop Charger 12V: 1=1500 1500*10=15000

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Decoration light: 1=350 350*1000=3,50,000 Torch 12V:450*20=9000 Energy saver 12V: 350*750= 2,62,500 Mini ups: 4700*100= 47000 Salaries for employees. Managers 15000*4= 75,000 Salesman 10,000*1= 10,000

Differential advantages. : 

Differential advantages. For long term use. Durable. That’s Product are very unique in quality. Available in different size. Keep the environment clean. Double connection both wapda and solar panels on two phase. Competitive price.

Conclusion. : 

Conclusion. We are entering in the market with introduction of this system with an aim to serve you people with the highest quality standards at an affordable price. we hope that with the new innovated system at an attractive price. we offer you a complete package, the response from you people would encourage us to serve you more better and to introduce new products line in the future.

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THANK YOU Thanks Waqas Nisar. C.E.O

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