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Introduction of Photoshop how to start Photoshop work of different tools in Photoshop how to edit image in Photoshop

What is Photoshop?:

What is Photoshop? Adobe Photoshop is a graphic editing program developed by Adobe System. Photoshop is widely used by millions of graphics artists, web developers , photographers, as well as ordinary people. Most of posters, magazines covers, book covers and brochures etc. have all been created or edited with Photoshop .

Features of Photoshop:

Features of Photoshop User friendly interface Photo editing and manipulation in lesser time and lesser effort. Create 3D icons Create graphics for web Preserve the original state on an image while manipulating.

How to start Photoshop:

How to start Photoshop To open adobe Photoshop follow these steps: Click on start button Click on all programs Click on adobe Photoshop

Main parts of Adobe Photoshop:

Main parts of Adobe Photoshop Title Bar Tool Box Floating Palettes Menu Bar Tool Option Bar Palette Bar

Title bar:

Title bar It is the top most horizontal bar of the application window. Title Bar

Menu bar:

Menu bar Menu bar shows the nine different menus like File, Edit, Image, Layer, Select ,Filter, View, Window and Help. Menu Bar


TOOL BOX The toolbox works like an artist's paint box and hold all the drawing tools which are used to draw, paint, retouch or erase the image. Marquee Tool Lasso Tool Corp Tool Healing Brush/Patch Tool/Red Eye Tool Tool Stamp Tool Eraser Tool Blur/Sharpen/Smudge Tool Path Selection Tool Path Tool Notes Tool Hand Tool Standard mode Screen modes Toggle Image Ready Quick Mask Mode Zoom Tool Eyedropper Tool Shape /line Tool Type Tool Dodge/burn/sponge Tool Gradient/Paint bucket Tool History Brush Tool Brush/pencil/color replacement Tool Slice Tool Magic wand Move Tool Switch colors Background colors Default color Foreground Color


TOOL OPTION BAR This bar is present under the Menu bar. As we select different tools from the toolbox, the bar changes according to the options available for that tool. Tool Option Bar


FLOATING PALETTES They are floating dialog boxes with different options to help the user to edit the image. There palettes can be closed whenever we wish. Even we can change the positions of these dialog boxes. Floating Palettes


PALETTE WELL The Palette Well is present on the top right corner of Photoshop window. This is a space which is used to keep palettes that we don’t use quit often. They are easily accessible, but hidden from our view unit we need them. Palette Bar


OPENING AN IMAGE Open the file menu and select open option. Now, click on Look in text box and from the drop-down combo box, select Libraries . Select Pictures>Sample Pictures>…(tulip) and click on Open button. Tulip image will open .


SELECTION TOOLS Selection tools are used to all or any part of a picture to perform cut, copy, edit or retouching operations. There are two types of selection tools in Photoshop: Marquee Tools Lasso Tools

Marquee Tools:

Marquee Tools MARQUEE TOOLS: It is used to select an image or part of it in rectangular, square, elliptical or circular shapes.

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LASSO TOOLS: It is a bunch of three very useful tools used for selecting irregular shapes. Lasso tools Polygon lasso tools Magnetic lasso tool


MAGIC WAND TOOLS It is used to automatically select the adjacent area of the same color in an image.


CROP TOOL It is used to remove unwanted parts from the picture. Crop tool


MOVE TOOL It is used to move any picture and part of it from one area to another.

Gradient tool :

Gradient tool It is used to create background with shades from one color to another in a selected portion or even on an entire layer

Paint bucket tool :

Paint bucket tool It is used to fill an image or apart of it with different colors based on the tolerance or the range of colors


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