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CONTENTS The structure can be described as follows – Reception In patient Out patient Laboratory Pharmacy Cash Counter Operation theatre Billing Inventory Payroll Backup Reports Utilities

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1. Reception :- This is the First module of the System that can be used in Reception. This module is divided into some sub-modules (Different forms). The modules are – Registration Appointment Scheduling Room/Ward Availability New Room Creation Administrator Login Doctor Master

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1.1 Registration:- This form is used to register patient details in a general manner. It consist of two type- 1.Inpatient 2.Outpatient. In both the forms we have to register the details about patient like: name, age, sex, D.O.B, city, state, blood group and symptoms. In OP registration we have to enter some extra details about doctor name, doctor ID, department. For both the registration, unique ID will be generated.

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1.2 Appointment Scheduling :- Appointment scheduling is the main module for fixing the appointment date & time for outpatients. User have to mention the details such as patient ID, name, phone no., doctor department, doctor name, doctor ID. In this form user can search the patient details by three ways- 1. Search by appointment no. 2. Search by doctor name 3. Search by appointment date.

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1.3 Room Creation :- In room creation ,user can create a new room no., bed no., ward name and rent per day for the room. We can view all the details by corresponding room no.

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1.4 Room/Ward Availability :- It contains information about the room/ward whether it is occupied or vacant. User can view the ward status by datagridview.

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1.4 Administrator :- This module is divided into sub-modules (Different forms). The modules are- Login Doctor Master 1.4.1 Login :- In this form user have login to use the software. Only authorized person can use the software. User have to enter the user name & password.

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6.7 Advance Payment Registration :- This form is the master form for all advance payment. Here user can add advance payment for corresponding IP number. In this form user can see the advance fees along with the date.

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Sample Report The remaining reports can be customised as same *(Reports can be designed according to the hospital)

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