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Carneys Lawyers is a leading commercial law firm with offices in the Central Business District of Sydney, with affiliated offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Since its beginnings in 1964, the firm has provided successful specialised legal services to the Australian community. We provide various legal services such as Property Lawyer Sydney Personal Injury Lawyer Sydney Employment Lawyer Sydney Family Lawyer Sydney Insolvency Lawyer Sydney Accident Lawyer Sydney Compensation Lawyer Sydney Commercial Litigation Lawyer Sydney Litigation Lawyer Sydney Aviation Lawyer Sydney Contact now at Address: Level 5 70 Castlereagh Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Phone: (+61 2) 8226 5555 Fax: (+61 2) 8226 5556 Email: DX Address: DX 998 SYDNEY


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Carneys Lawyers Law Firm, Sydney:

Carneys Lawyers Law Firm, Sydney Carneys Lawyers is a Leading Commercial Law Firm Carneys Lawyers offers a wide range of Legal Services

Property Lawyer Sydney:

Property Lawyer Sydney Property Lawyers help with intellectual property theft. Carneys have expert lawyers who specialize in laws to protect patents, trademarks and other property.

Personal Injury Lawyer Sydney:

Personal Injury Lawyer Sydney Carneys have expert lawyers who specialize in personal Injury cases. A good lawyer can help you make your case strong and get better compensation. Knowing how much personal Injury claim you can get is Important and carneys lawyers can help you with it. Don't think your case to be weak, first consult carneys Personal Injury Lawyers.

Employment Lawyer Sydney:

Employment Lawyer Sydney Don't let your employer to exploit you. Get advice from our employment lawyers about your employment contract Know your rights as employee, know about laws for protection of employees. For any kind of case related to employment, you will find expert help from our employment lawyer in Sydney

Family Lawyer Sydney:

Family Lawyer Sydney Typical areas dealt by Family Lawyers: Divorce Spousal or child maintenance Custody Splitting of Marital Assets Adoption Paternity Domestic Abuse, etc At Carneys you will find experienced lawyers for all kind of family disputes.

Insolvency Lawyer Sydney:

Insolvency Lawyer Sydney Our Insolvency Lawyers act as bridge between your company and your clients. We have good connections with all Legal Departments. We have expert knowledge and understanding of laws concerning all types of Insolvency cases.

Accident Lawyer Sydney:

Accident Lawyer Sydney Our accident lawyers can help you to get justice. You can get proper insurance claims with help of our experienced lawyers. Our experienced lawyers help in settling the case faster which help in saving time and money.

Compensation Lawyer Sydney:

Compensation Lawyer Sydney Getting compensation for any case is never easy. Get help of our experienced lawyers for compensation cases. Our Lawyers help you to get maximum compensation. Don't settle for less compensation, consult our expert lawyers today.

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Sydney:

Commercial Litigation Lawyer Sydney Avoid the infringement of others territory with legal advice from our commercial litigation lawyer. Several aspects in corporate sector can lead to legal struggle, you must get advice from specialists to avoid lawsuit Don't get involved in legal controversies over public litigation. Get help from experience lawyers.

Litigation Lawyer Sydney:

Litigation Lawyer Sydney Litigation lawyers help in resolving the legal disagreement. There are many situations when dispute cannot be resolved by involved individuals, that's when litigation lawyers are needed to help resolve case in legal way.

Aviation Lawyer Sydney:

Aviation Lawyer Sydney Aviation lawyers help in resolving cases relating to airlines/aircraft’s Many a time people get injured due to aviation accidents and aviation lawyer is needed for such cases.

Contact Carneys Lawyers:

Contact Carneys Lawyers Address Level 5 70 Castlereagh Street SYDNEY NSW 2000 Phone: (+61 2) 8226 5555 Fax: (+61 2) 8226 5556 Email: DX Address: DX 998 SYDNEY

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