Traffic Controllers – The ins and outs of a Traffic Controller’s Job

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Traffic Controllers – The ins and outs of a Traffic Controller’s Job Traffic control is one of the most important elements of a road works project as it determines the safety of your employees as well as the road users who travel through the site of the road works. Many companies opt to hire a traffic controller as a means of traffic control as they are one of the most effective methods of traffic control available. Here we let you know exactly what a traffic controller’s job entails. 1. Danger A traffic controller’s job is inherently dangerous as they are dealing with oncoming traffic for long hours. Due to the presence of road traffic it is important that traffic controllers are very visible to those using the road which means the wearing of high visibility clothing and personal protective equipment. Fatigue is another danger element to this job as the traffic controller is on his feet for up to 8 or 10 hours a day both during daylight hours and at night. 2. Equipment As mentioned in the point above a traffic controller must wear adequate personal protection equipment so that they remain visible at all times and in all weathers. In addition they must wear steel capped boots and a hard hat as they are still on a work site and must abide by the safety rules. Depending on the requirements a hat and sunglasses may also be compulsory. A traffic controller generally uses a stop/go bat or a ‘Slow’ sign to slow the speed of oncoming traffic. 3. Traffic control plan The nature of the work of a traffic controller on a particular work site is largely dictated by the traffic control plan that is in place. The traffic control plan may call for the diversion of traffic around a works site in which case it is the responsibility of the traffic controller to ensure that the oncoming traffic slows adequately to safely navigate the diverted route. If the traffic control plan sets out that traffic must be stopped at certain points a traffic controller will ensure that the traffic stops completely and for the right amount of time until it is safe for it to proceed.

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4. Training It is essential that a traffic controller holds the necessary training and accreditation to control traffic safely and adequately. When hiring a traffic controller either directly or from a traffic control company always ensure that he/she is competent to carry out the job. A traffic controller plays an essential part of ensuring safety on your work site which is why it’s essential that he/she knows as much as possible about the job at hand. For more information on traffic control plan traffic controller sydney. Please visit :

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