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Wi-Fi is a wireless, electronic device that transmits data into radio waves. It has up to 2.4GHZ which runs fast than any other internet service.


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Wi-Fi : 

Wi-Fi Wi-fi & Its Overview

What Wi-Fi mean? : 

What Wi-Fi mean? Wi-Fi means Wireless Fidelity Its a wireless electronic device that transmits data over a computer network using radio waves. A high speed internet connection that uses wireless network access point to connect. Its defined as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) based on IEEE 802.11 standards. A latest technology has been improvised as per its standard and speed. Its introduced and owned by Wi-Fi Alliance is of 2.4GHZ which can be connected up to

Features of Wi-Fi : 

Features of Wi-Fi New aspect of networking. Wireless Network. Faster and secure. Convenient and easier. Supports each time. Unlimited Wi-Fi. Fortress technology. Unmatched mobility and elasticity.

Advantages of Wi-Fi : 

Advantages of Wi-Fi Wireless – Wire free no conjunction while connecting to other PC or laptop. Low cost – Installation of wireless network cost less when compared to cable network. Mobility – Can access internet outside their normal work area. Expandability – Can suddenly add increased number of clients with existing equipment. Deployment – Set up for infrastructure-based wireless network requires more than a single access point. Productivity – Users connected to wireless network can maintain a constant connection with they desired network. Convenience – Can access network in near by from any convenient location within their primary environment. affiliation

Uses of Wi-Fi : 

Uses of Wi-Fi Wirelessly transfer photos from your digital camera. Stream audio to any speakers in the house. Share files with nearby computers. Forward notifications from your smartphone to your PC. Use your smartphone as a remote control. Tether your smartphone to your computer for internet anywhere. Send documents to your printer from any computer or smartphone.

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