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Visualising Spatial Data Using Thematic Maps : 

Visualising Spatial Data Using Thematic Maps Alistair Edwardes Communities and Local Government

classical model of geography : 

classical model of geography Geos : whole earth, natural, continuous, drawn, quantitative, Where? Choros : nature of discrete regions rather than size, qualitative/descriptive, What’s it like? Topos : discrete places and their relationships, histories / descriptions, meanings, identity Ptolemy, AD 90-168

choropleth maps : 

choropleth maps S R P

choropleth maps : 

choropleth maps What for? Show the distribution of an attribute over space Support policy development and delivery Tensions Size of unit Characteristics of unit (population) Single attribute

extent of unit : 

extent of unit

characteristics : 


rates : 


rates : 


smoothing : attributes : 

smoothing : attributes

smoothing : spatial : 

smoothing : spatial

multivariate : 


multivariate : 


topographic maps : 

topographic maps

types of place : 

England Manchester Sunderland/ South Tyneside Worcestershire Luton Central Beds London types of place

seaside & coastal town clusters : 

1 2 3 4 5 seaside & coastal town clusters

Slide 21: 

England & Wales Seaside Towns

conclusions : 

conclusions Think about visualising geography rather than producing a map Visualising place will be the next major challenge for government

R : ggplot2 : 

R : ggplot2

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