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SWO Regional Intelligence Group meeting - Thursday 19 April 2012


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2011 Census Outputs Update Kanak Ghosh Census Outputs Office for National Statistics :

2011 Census Outputs Update Kanak Ghosh Census Outputs Office for National Statistics

2011 Census Outputs update:

Census outputs consultation process Outline of 2011 Census prospectus Running order for 2011 Census outputs Data visualisation Charging policy (commissioned tables) How will census outputs be disseminated? What tools will be available to access census outputs? What’s next? 2011 Census Outputs update

PowerPoint Presentation:

There was a successful field operation for the 2011 Census and Census Coverage Survey. Return rates were good ONS is confident that it will meet its national target response rate of 94 per cent and a target response rate of at least 80 per cent in every local authority ONS is confident that fewer than 10 per cent of local authorities will be below a 90 per cent response rate ONS achieved a Census Coverage Survey response rate of 90 per cent Census response rates will be published in the first release Confidence in the results

Consultation process:

Consultation process Established the extent, scope and detail that census users would like to see for the 2011 Census outputs A success in terms of the high quality of responses received, and the positive feedback on the proposed outputs for 2011 Census

2011 Census prospectus:

2011 Census prospectus Web-based dynamic prospectus Users will be alerted to revisions or updates Release schedule for 2011 Census outputs 2011 Census geography Commissioned tables Specialist products outlined Data access and dissemination

First release, July 2012, includes::

First release, July 2012 , includes: Age (single year) by sex for England, and for Wales Age (5 year bands) for LAs/UAs in E&W - All people Age (5 year bands) for LAs/UAs in E&W – Males Age (5 year bands) for LAs/UAs in E&W – Females Additional summary household estimates table(s) Local authority quality assurance information

Second release, Nov 12 – Feb 13, includes::

Second release, Nov 12 – Feb 13 , includes: Key Statistics and Quick Statistics Equivalent to 2001 key statistics and uni-variate tables More detail – eg ethnicity full classification output

Third and fourth releases include::

Third and fourth releases include: Third release: Mar 13 – Jun 13 Local Characteristics designed for release at finest geography (equivalent to 2001 CAS tables) Fourth release: Jul 13 – Oct 13 Detailed Characteristics and Detailed Theme tables (equivalent to 2001 standard tables and theme tables) Local Characteristics designed for release at finest geography (equivalent to 2001 CAS tables)

New tables:

New tables 20 per cent increase in standard outputs New information collected for the first time in 2011 Further information on existing topics

UK outputs:

UK outputs An increased volume of UK harmonised tables will be made available for 2011 Census outputs The statistical agencies have an agreed aim of providing a single point of access for UK harmonised outputs

Specialist Outputs - 1:

Specialist Outputs - 1 Alternative population bases: Short-term (3-12 month) immigrant population Workplace and workday population Out-of-term population Exploration of a majority-of-time population Small populations: A small population is a sub-population distinguished by a particular characteristic e.g. ethnic group, language and religion The consultations highlighted the importance of making detailed and accurate data available for small population groups

Specialist Outputs - 2:

Specialist Outputs - 2 Flow data (Origin-destination): Migration Commuter patterns Enumeration address to second address Second address to workplace address Micro-data products: Public use micro-dataset Building on the range of SARS produced in 2001 – possibility of increasing sample sizes Investigating the possibility of a heavily perturbed (test) micro-dataset for users to develop syntax

Data visualisation:

Data visualisation

Data visualisation (cont):

Data visualisation (cont)

Data visualisation (cont):

Data visualisation (cont)

ONS charging policy:

ONS charging policy Any data provided as standard will be made available under the (national archive) open government licence Commissioned tables will be charged for: price list designed for economic recovery of costs involved (price agreed prior to work commencing) Commissioned tables will be published on the ONS website New prices will be applicable for all commissioned tables (inc. historical censuses )

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels :

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels - 1:

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels - 1 ONS Website Main dissemination channel for all ONS outputs Will be enhanced to provide additional search & navigation A Data Explorer will be provided to allow on-line exploration of datasets ONS API Will provide external organisations with direct access to ONS datasets to re-use on their own systems

ONS Dissemination Tools - Data Explorer:

ONS Dissemination Tools - Data Explorer The data explorer is an online facility to allow users to explore and interrogate datasets made available on the ONS Website ONS will be providing a Data Explorer with the following features: Navigate to and find datasets Ability to select different levels of geography and geographic areas Ability to filter on variables included in the dataset

ONS Dissemination Tools – API:

ONS Dissemination Tools – API Application Programming Interface (API) is a mechanism that enables one application to programmatically talk to another application. In this context it enables a third party application (e.g. a website) to programmatically discover and retrieve data from the ONS Content Repository. ONS will be providing an API Service with the following features Registration Blog Forum Instructions and tutorials Enablement tools

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels - 2:

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels - 2 NeSS (Neighbourhood Statistics Service) A well established service to a range of users focused on small area statistics Provides a range of statistics from ONS and other government departments and allows analysis over time Outputs from 2 nd release with limited geographies NOMIS provided ONS website focused on Labour Externally Market Statistics for local areas, along with range of other data Users can: Select by variable and geography, and create variables Download data as cells or full ‘formatted’ tables All standard outputs including 3 rd release outputs

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels - 3:

Census Outputs Dissemination Channels - 3 Bulk Supply Will provide all tables from a given release on “Hard Media” (disc or hard drive) Will be provided in SDMX format and are considering whether a csv format as well Virtual Micro-data Lab Will provide access to a range of SARS (Sample of Anonymised Records) products building on those produced in 2001 This provides access to a sample of unit level data which has been made anonymous

Next steps:

Next steps July 2012: 1 st release of results Summer 12: Beta version of the API will be available for interested parties to test and use Autumn 12: Pre-launch the ONS API Service to allow users to pre-register find out more about this new tool November – February 2013: 2nd release of results November – February 2013: Launch of the ONS API and new Data Explorer to support the Census second release

Staying informed :

Staying informed Prospectus updates and email alerts - register online http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/guide-method/census/2011/census-data/2011-census-prospectus/index.html Census News Alerts and Census newsletter censusnewsalerts@ons.gsi.gov.uk Stakeholder roadshows (now taking place) 3 rd party events and newsletters e.g. BSPS, LARIA, BURISA and RSS

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