Beyond Beautiful Evidence

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Beyond Beautiful Evidence:

Beyond Beautiful Evidence Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director, GLA

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What is Government for?

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It’s not about data… or is it?

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economic growth transparent, responsive, effective government innovation Inputs Machine readable raw data Inventories APIs Catalogues Policies , legislation, regulation and governance Technology infrastructure Community infrastructure / ecosystem Process Presenting Collating Visualising Mashing up Linking Contextualising Interpreting Analysing Re-purposing... Outputs ‘Human readable’ data Information Applications Analysis Share Dissemination Marketing Advertising Promotion Maintain Refresh Develop Update Communications and culture change Support activities Primary activities Open Data Value Chain

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Creating an Ecosystem

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Arrangements: mash-ups, applications, analysis which makes sense out of the data

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So what’s the point?

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ma·ven also ma·vin (māˈvən) noun A person who has special knowledge or experience; an expert. Origin: Yiddish meyvn , from Hebrew mēbîn , active participle of hēbîn , to understand , derived stem of bîn , to discern ; see byn in Semitic roots. And who is it really for?

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Look to the Academics

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The Congestion Question – Click to Watch Video

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Modelling, visualising and communicating urban environments

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Sim City for Real National eInfrastructure for Social Simulation CASA

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Co-production in Communities

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How is it used? Top 10 dataset pages viewed 1. TfL live traffic cameras 2. TfL cycle hire locations 3. TfL timetable listings 4. Historic Census population 5. TfL station locations 6. Oyster ticket locations 7. Borough council election results 2010 8. Polling stations for 2010 general election 9. Ambulance call outs to assault incidents 10. Average house prices

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At the GLA

Near time, geo-located data collection:

Near time, geo-located data collection

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Developments are not linear they are emergent and unpredictable

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