Lucerne Christmas Markets 2020


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Apply for Switzerland visa to enjoy the best Lucerne Christmas markets and buy an extensive range of unique handmade products to gift your near and dear ones.


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The Best Lucerne Christmas Markets 2020 Lucerne Christmas markets are the best Switzerland Christmas market you should definitely visit this year in fact every year. Christmas is just a month away Due to global pandemics and an increasing number of corona cases worldwide it has become difficult to organize the Christmas markets on a large scale and few of the Christmas markets in Lucerne have been canceled too. But we promise you that it is still worth visiting the Lucerne Christmas markets as they have a lot to offer. What you will find in Lucerne Christmas markets Christmas markets in Lucerne offer an extensive range of unique handmade products made with different materials like glass ceramics metal wood and textile.

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Here are the details of Lucerne Christmas markets 2020 Rudolf Weihnachtsmarkt: November 28 to December 31 The Rudolf Christmas Market was supposed to be held at the Inseli Quai and it was mainly the food market filled with cured meats gin drinks and crepes. To avoid the risk of coronavirus spread and avoid crowds in corona time this year’s edition of Rudolfs Christmas has been canceled. Though 2020 is not the year to visit Rudolf Christmas Market but you should definitely visit this Christmas market in upcoming years to enjoy mouthwatering foods Lötzener Market at Franziskanerplatz: December 5 to 21 With heavy heart we have to inform you that the Lucerne Autumn fair and Market group has canceled the Lözaner Market at Franziskanerplatz 2020 due to the situation of the global pandemic. You need not worry as there are other Christmas markets too that you can visit safely this year.

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The Craft Market: December 7 to December 22 The Craft market has a lot to offer You will find a beautiful collection of homemade crafted goods an extensive range of hand blown glass trinkets to embroidered presents. Grab the advantage of presenting something unique and local to your loved ones. Apply for Switzerland visa and visit The Craft Market 2020. Venite Market: December 12 to December 15 This is an international market where you can enjoy a four-day program with performances from across the world. You can attend a concert program in the Peterskapelle during these four days. The visitors can register themselves for the concerts at the church stand which is outside the church. The Christmas tree Market: December 16 to December 23 This is the ancient Christmas tree market in Switzerland which is held in different venues- the Schweizerhofquai the Helvetiaplatz the Bellerive Heights and the Nationalquai. The visitors will get the opportunity to see locally grown trees Christmas decorations all around fir branches and Christmas trees in front of a wonderful backdrop.

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Please Note: It is compulsory to wear a mask at the Lucerne Christmas Markets. Candle Making in Vögeligarten: November 23 to December 23 This is a perfect place to see the Lucerne tradition. For decades children have been pouring their creativity into preparing their own candles. You can buy these unique candles to give to your close ones. Glühwein and numerous stands sell their goods at the Christmas markets in Lucerne. Support the people who run their own small businesses by buying goods from them. Creative Christmas Gift Day: December 7th The Creative Christmas Gift Day will be held at LiLi Centre where you can find handcrafted items enjoy interactive workshops throughout the day and delicious food. Give a great start to your Christmas shopping or create your own special gift.

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December 8th at Sentitreff You can purchase handmade gifts natural cosmetics and the entire amount will go to charity. People’s factory offers an opportunity to craft your own gifts which are sustainably wrapped. Want to visit Christmas markets in Lucerne Looking for unique gifts for your near and dear ones this Christmas Or you just want to enjoy Christmas at its best Apply for Switzerland visa to visit the Lucerne Christmas markets and experience the soothing Christmas atmosphere. Know more: lucerne-christmas-markets-2020/

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