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When is the Best time to visit in Switzerland Imagine this scenario you want to go to holidays or weekends in Switzerland all over the year. However you need to know one thing when is the best time to visit in Switzerland Here is a list of the best times to visit Switzerland during the best season of the year Spring in Switzerland As this is the real low season in the country you can probably get good deals on flights and accommodation. There will be no crowds and you will be freer to visit. The weather in Switzerland in March can still be quite wintry with peaks around 6 degrees and lots of precipitation. At night it could easily freeze over. Due to the cooler temperatures but longer daylight hours summer starts on the last Sunday in March it is actually a great month for skiing. The Alps are still snowy but there are fewer tourists.

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Nevertheless if you visit them just after Easter which can fall at the end of March in some years you will find that many cable cars are closed until the start of the hiking season at the end of May. So if you have your heart set on the trails or the panoramic views from the top of the mountains now is the time. The Morges Tulip Festival takes place on Lake Geneva throughout the month and if you love cheese as much as I do you can go to Gruyères on the first Sunday in May for their annual cheese festival. Summer in Switzerland Here you can go on excursions to the mountains. June to August is one of the two “peak seasons” in Switzerland. The weather is mild the hiking trails are open and the lakes are ready for boaters and swimmers. As a result accommodation prices are high and all popular places are crowded with tourists. If you want to travel during the Swiss summer but prefer to avoid the crowds its best to get there early in the morning or later in the afternoon or choose somewhat more discreet sites and attractions such as Mount Niesen or Mount Stockhorn.

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The high hiking season starts in June and all the cable cars that were closed after Easter reopen. The temperature in Switzerland in June is generally warm for a pleasant time to enjoy the views of the valleys. One of the main events taking place in Switzerland during the summer is the Montreux Jazz Festival which runs from late June to mid-July. Visit the famous Lavertezzo double-arch bridge during the summer months and you can even take a dip. There are plenty of places to swim so try Lake Sils or the River Aare or Lake Lucerne. Another fun activity is the snow-free bobsleigh run near Basel the SolarBob. One of the best reasons to visit Switzerland in August is the Swiss National Day on 1 August where you will find festivities all over the country with bonfires and fireworks. Autumn/Fall in Switzerland The best month to visit Switzerland in order to get the best deals fewer tourists and more pleasant weather is preferably September. This is the beginning of the shoulder season which means that prices become more reasonable and you wont have to share the attractions with so many people. The weather is still pleasant and you can still enjoy most of the summer activities.

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In September alpine villages all over Switzerland welcome the cows that come down from the mountains to the valleys in what is known as the Almabfahrt or Almabtrieb. The villagers celebrate while the cows wearing flower wreaths are welcomed home with fanfare and yodeling. It is a festival to be experienced at least once in ones life. The annual descent of cattle from the high pastures is a fun event to see during autumn/fall in Switzerland. In October you will have the opportunity to see the leaves start to change. The slopes at high altitudes can be snow-covered. You will enjoy colourful views of the autumn foliage which are hard to beat. For those who love wine October is the best time of the year to go to Switzerland. The Basel Wine Fair takes place at the end of the month every year but the whole month is devoted to the grape harvest. In Switzerland daylight saving time ends on the last Sunday in October. Unfortunately November is one of the worst months to visit Switzerland both in terms of weather and activities. It is cold and wet which makes all summer activities unpleasant but there isnt much skiing to be done yet and it doesnt really feel like winter.

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That said if youre travelling to visit museums or other indoor historical sites November is perhaps the cheapest time to fly to Switzerland and youll get great rates on accommodation. And since the Swiss Travel Pass gives you access to over 500 museums youre sure to get your moneys worth if you use it to get around. Winter in Switzerland December to February is the official winter months in Switzerland when the snow begins to fall and it is the ideal time for skiing. Prices in the mountains rise and the lodges fill up quickly. The weather in Switzerland in December is officially cold cloudy and wet so plan to spend your time either on the slopes or indoors by a fire enjoying hearty food and hot drinks. If you really want snow make sure youre high in the Alps when you book your accommodation and book well in advance. The Christmas markets in Switzerland are amazing and well worth a visit in December whether it snows or not. But the good thing about Switzerland is that we dont celebrate New Years Eve just once. On January 13th the Swiss celebrate again and the beginning of the year according to the Gregorian calendar.

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Christmas markets are not the only events that take place in Switzerland during the winter months. Many major events take place throughout the country including the World Cup Polo on Snow in St. Moritz the Lauberhorn Ski World Cup in Wengen and the International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Château-dOex. Zermatt is a veritable Christmas card scene in winter. The snow season in Switzerland officially begins in January when the weather turns around 0 throughout the month rarely exceeding 2 degrees. It lasts until February when it can be up to 2 degrees during the day. You will then have a little more sunshine but reliable skiing weather. If you are not interested in skiing and would like to enjoy warmer temperatures consider visiting the canton of Ticino or the Swiss Riviera along Lake Geneva as these two regions enjoy a milder climate than other parts of the country. Another thing to consider before deciding to travel to Switzerland in winter is how you will get around. If you are planning to take part in a coach tour you will have fewer itineraries and departure dates to choose from during the winter months. However rail services continue to operate normally and for those who prefer to drive roads are regularly cleared of snow. Apply for Switzerland visa Every season to visit Switzerland will allow you to do all kinds of activities and so take advantage of the opportunity to do some activities and discover the scenery that Switzerland has to offer. Apply for Switzerland visa get your Switzerland visa online.

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