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Input- Output Devices By- Mahima Mohan 1


Synopsis- Introduction to Input-Output Devices. 2. Role of Input-Output Devices (Flowchart) 3. Commonly used Input devices 4. Commonly Used Output devices 2


Introduction- Provides means of communication between the computer & the outer world. Also known as peripheral devices because they surround the CPU & the memory of the Computer system. Input devices are also to enter data from the outside world into primary storage. Output devices supply results of processing from primary storage to users. 3

Role of Input-Output Devices:

Role of Input-Output Devices Input data from external world Input Devices CPU & MEMORY Output Devices Results of processing in human acceptable form Input data coded in internal form Processed data in internal form 4

Commonly Used Input Devices:

Commonly Used Input Devices 1. Keyboard Devices- Allow data entry into a computer system by pressing a set of 101 keys neatly mounted on a keyboard connected to a computer system. 2. Point-&-draw devices- They are used to rapidly point to & select a graphic icon or menu item from multiple option on the GRAPHICAL USER INTERPHASE (GUI) of a screen. - They are as follows a. Mouse b. Track ball c. Joystick d. Light pen e. Touch screen 5

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3. Data scanning devices- Input devices that enable direct data entry into a computer system from source documents. Types – a. Image scanner, b. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Device c. Optical Mark Reader (OMR). d. Bar Code Reader, Magnetic Ink e. Character Recognition (MICR). 6

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4. Digitizer- Input device used for converting (Digitizing) pictures, maps & drawings into digital form for storage in Computers. 5.Electronic cards based devices- Electronic cards are small Plastic cards having encoded data appropriate for the application for which they are used. 6.Speech recognition devices- Input device that allows a person to input data to a computer system by speaking to it. 7.Vision base devices- Allows computer to accept input just by seeing an object. 7

Commonly used Output Devices-:

Commonly used Output Devices- Monitors- Display the output on a television like screen. 2. Printers- Most common output devices for producing hard-copy output. 3. Plotters- They are an ideal output device for architects, engineers, city planners, & others who need to routinely generate high-precision, hard-copy graphic output of widely varying sizes. 8

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4. Screen Image Projector- Used for making presentations to a group of people with direct use of a computer. 5. Voice response Systems- It enables a computer to talk to the user. - It has an audio response device that produces an audio-output. 9

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