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Science of Materialism

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What Is Materialism??? All that thing which have existence are materials to which we can physically see or touch. the belief that all that exists is the physical there are no higher realities; no psychic or spiritual truths independent of the physical world gave people a whole new outlook and pleasure in life.

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Types Of Materialism Dialectical Materialism  Classical Materialism Mechanical Materialism Christian Materialism Scientistic Materialism Cultural Materialism

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Materialism in Today’s Society produce things that no one truly needs it results in a competitive mode It causes us to care less for the Earth than we do for our own well-being.

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Negative Aspects of Materialism promotes short-sightedness People develop negative qualities People think on easy way to get money indulging in bad activities

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distracting from their religion Rising crime deteriorating family structure corrupt business culture Students fail because they see the growing culture

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Positive aspect of materialism necessary because we consume these materials necessary in our every day life lives. helps us to find and deal from all the issues of the real world.

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DIMENSIONS OF MATERIALISM Happiness Centrality Success

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CONCLUSION The New Age phenomenon is very much a materialistic approach in fact it is a thinly disguised system of conquest applied to what we perceive as the spiritual. We are in a peculiar dilemma, we know that something is wrong but we are so absorbed in escaping from the pain that we do not take the time required to learn the true nature of the disease. But to some extend we need materialism because if we do not accept this we will be left behind from others who are accepting this. So we can say that we should be materialistic but to some extend. We should not destroy our culture in accepting this.

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