Human Resource Information System

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Human Resource Information System [HRIS] Nidhi Dubey MBA HR

What is HRIS??? : 

The application of computers to employee-related record keeping and reporting, and management decision making Any system that supports any aspect of the HR function Primary function: Documenting the employment relation in all it’s complexity Basic technology: Storing, retrieving and distributing information What is HRIS???

Top Ten Calculations for HRIS : 

Top Ten Calculations for HRIS Healthcare cost per employee Pay and benefits as a percentage of operating expense Cost per hire Return on training. Time to fill jobs.

An HR Example : 

Processing (Calc. Net pay) An HR Example Output (cut paycheck) Input (hours worked) Feedback Loop (Is paycheck accurate?)

Typical HRIS Record Keeping Requirements : 

Typical HRIS Record Keeping Requirements Employee information Wage and salary data Review dates Benefits Education and training Attendance Performance data/appraisal results

Typical HRIS Reporting Requirements : 

Typical HRIS Reporting Requirements Employee profiles/lists Summary reports on employee groups Historical trends in work-related info Person-position comparisons

HRIS Tracks... : 

HRIS Tracks... People Positions Jobs Workers Comp HR Planning Medical Records Recruit/ Employ EEO/AAP Benefits Payroll Pension Admin Emp. Relations T&D Comp. Health & Safety

Developing an HRIS: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) : 

Developing an HRIS: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Planning Design Analysis Implementation Maintenance

HRIS Benefits Realized (versus Manual System) : 

HRIS Benefits Realized (versus Manual System) Save $$$ i.e. money More efficient recruiting Better coordination of staffing resources Faster, more consistent screening of applicants Quicker, higher quality hiring decisions

Why HRISs Sometimes Fail? : 

Why HRISs Sometimes Fail? Unclear goals/objectives System solves the wrong problem Improper vendor/product selection Low user involvement Planning overlooks impact on clerical procedures Lack of HR/functional expertise in designing Underestimate conversion effort Management- unrealistic expectations Lack of overall plan for record mgt. Lack of flexibility and adaptability Misinterpret HR specifications Poor communication between HR/IS Inadequate testing

Why are Carefully Developed Info Systems Important to HR? : 

Why are Carefully Developed Info Systems Important to HR? Better safety Better service Competitive Advantage Fewer Errors Greater Accuracy Higher Quality Products Improved Health Care Improved Communication Increased Efficiency Increased Productivity More efficient administration More opportunities Reduced labor requirements Reduced costs Superior managerial decision making Superior control

Conclusion : 

Conclusion HRIS has been adopted by most of the organisation to make the work easier for the organisation.

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