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Schedule your appointment with Evelyn Ramos a world-class professional barber in LA. World Famous Venice Barber Shop in LA is the best men’s barbershop. We specialize in all modern and traditional men’s grooming including haircut, shaving & more. Call us at 310-686-242 & visit us


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Hair Cutting Shop | Evelyn Ramos - World Famous Venice Barber Shop

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This barbershop was made for Venice. It welcomes in all walks of life. We turn down no one, we judge no one, we welcome you to be who you are. To me a barbershop is home. There isn't to many places that you can call home because there isn't anything like home. 

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We are a barber shop and shaving parlor that specializes in modern and traditional men's grooming. We are located in the heart of Silicon Beach where this one of a kind barbershop becomes the Mecca of networking. Surrounded by the worlds most innovative minds we stand as the leaders in traditional haircutting and masters of communication. We are the fore front of what networking is supposed to be. It's world famous because it's all about the experience.

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We take pride in hair cutting and customer service. Check out our awesome feedback on how customers overall experience was here at The World Famous Venice Barber Shop. We're changing the world one haircut at a time.

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Visit Us 1527 Pacific Avenue VENICE, CA, 90291

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