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6 Reasons Why Everyone Should do a Health Checkup Twice a Year

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How many times should I visit the doctor for a medical checkup in a year Almost every person will have their own answer to this question ranging from never to four times a year. Although 92 of Americans believe that it’s important to get a yearly checkup only 62 choose to act accordingly. Everyone has their own medical needs similarly your ideal medical calendar depends on your current health and age. But even if you’re generally healthy two out of 365 days inside a hospital or clinic getting your health checked is not going to hurt you much. Health checkup packages in Bangalore come at affordable expenses to serve people belonging to all financial backgrounds making health checkup in Bangalore a routine for medical practitioners examining people from all over the city. If you decide to meet your doctor only after you realize something is out of order in your system you must be looking forward to a declining state of health. On the other hand annual wellness visits can help detect potential disorders and get them treated before they become serious.

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Following is a list of six benefits that you can enjoy if you do a health checkup twice every twelve months. 1. Lower Healthcare Costs Even the richest of people end up with a light pocket after paying hospital bills. If you don’t want to face a similar situation it is always wise to get a regular health screening to spot diseases a lot earlier and remove the need for operation. These medical checkups help in saving money in the long run. It also helps in preventing the need for undergoing painful and risky medical procedures and expensive surgeries. 2. Kills a disease before it becomes severe Regular medical screenings allow the doctor to identify potential health risks before they turn out to be dangerous or in some cases untreatable.

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These checkups should be done on the basis of the individual’s age sex medical history and current lifestyle. The doctor can further prescribe advanced checkups if needed or a treatment in case a certain anomaly is detected. Discovering diseases at their onset make it easier to cure them. Getting a health checkup in Bangalore once every six months will guarantee you a disease-free year and if the same practice is continued regularly you will be rewarded with a healthy future. 3. Blood Tests Most doctors ask you to take a blood test while you visit him or her for a checkup. This is quite beneficial for you as it eliminates the risk of diseases that can later show up in your bloodstream. These diseases include diabetes cancer cholesterol anaemia high blood pressure HIV/AIDS and even coronary artery diseases.

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Blood tests also allow doctors to assess the proper working of various important organs like the liver kidneys heart and thyroid. 4. Identifies Stress-Related Diseases Many psychological and physical disorders take birth inside our body owing to a rise in stress and anxiety. These include high blood pressure weight gain hypertension mental disorders depression asthma Alzheimer’s and even gastrointestinal problems. Regular medical screenings help in making sure that these problems are easy to detect and diagnose before they become dangerous and hinder the proper functioning of the mind and the body.

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5. Provides simpler solutions to health disorders Depending upon your checkup results your doctor will advise or prescribe you ways following which you can keep diseases at bay and prevent them from becoming serious or life-threatening. For example ignoring dental reports can make infections spread rapidly and cause problems at a later stage. If identified beforehand it can be slowly eliminated or kept stable by following small precautions or undergoing certain changes in lifestyle. It allows the patient to be in control of his life by being aware of his current state of health.

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6. Maintains health discipline In this current fast-paced life people often forget to keep a check on their nutrition or medication. No one wants declining health but people still fail to follow a healthy routine. Hence taking medical checkups at least twice a year builds an urge in individuals to improve their present state of health and make them habituated to that practice which is impossible with health checkups done every two to three years. Health Checkup Packages in Bangalore are quite affordable and enables you to get your health screened regularly.

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