Welding Machine Manufacturer in Maharashtra


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Swastik Power India are leading Welding Machine Manufacturers in Maharashtra providing wide range of Weld series with IGBT based inverters with total digital control having wide current range.


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Welding Machine Manufacturer in Maharashtra:

Welding Machine Manufacturer in Maharashtra

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Swastik Weld series welding machines are sophisticated IGBT based inverters with total digital control having wide current range.  Swastik Weld is designed to meet varied requirement of the welding industry with MIG welding inverters for 160A, 250A and 400A range. Advanced micro controller technology enables Swastik  Weld to have excellent soft start, digital display for both current and voltage, both 2T and 4T operations. Separate wire feed units can be mounted on the inverter or taken to work location with longer interconnection cables for added flexibility to the welder.

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IGBT BASED SOLID STATE INVERTER DESIGN: Latest technology used for full bridge topology to ensure reliable, superior weld control every time . PORTABLE: It is very portable, provided with Castor Wheels (basic inverter). Operator can move from one place to another place without any difficulty . THERMAL OVERLOAD PROTECTION :Reliable thermal shutdown mechanism in place, in case of overuse or blockage in airflow.

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FAN AS NEEDED :  Swastik Weld automatically operates the fan as needed, reducing the noise, power consumption and the airborne contaminates pulled through the machine. ADAPTIVE SOFT START:  Swastik Weld ensure the wire feed speed is automatically controlled from a slow start to the set wire speed. Tail Voltage levels to eliminate globule formation at the end of wire and gives clean start each time. SINGLE INCREMENT RANGE: Digital front panel allows the operator to set the current and voltage is required in single increment also.

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SAFE AND RELIABLE: Low OCV and protection against prolonged Output Short, IGBT Over Current, IGBT Short Circuit Current, Welding Over Current, Thermal Overload. POWER FLUCTUATION COMPENSATION: Power source does not get affected and it remains constant regardless of fluctuation in input power + 15%. It is suitable especially for the Indian Industry. VERSATILE:  Swastik Weld can weld using welding wire sizes from 0.6mm to 1.60mm.

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PROCESS MEMORY RECALL:  Swastik Weld ensures faster setup time between processes and on each power on by remembering the settings for each and every process individually. ENERGY SAVING MODE: When operator is not welding for 2 minutes, then welding inverter in Manual / Stick mode goes into energy save mode, enabling saving of unwanted energy loss. EXTERNAL WIRE FEEDER: Compact and portable external wire feeder with 2 x 2 feed roll mechanism to guarantee study uninterrupted wire feeding.

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Visit us at : http://www.swastikpowerindia.com/welding-machine-mig/

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