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Swarm Intelligence-based techniques can be used in a number of applications that enable proactive autonomy in distributed computing and robotics.


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SWARM INTELLIGENCE Robots That Allows Limitless Scalability

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ABOUT US Swarm Technology provides an advancement in the area of artificial intelligence with a clear focus on collective intelligence.Swarm Technologys architecture allows dynamic addition of processors for uninterrupted distributed processing and enables vendor- agnostic heterogeneous processing by means of using proactive dynamic configurable skill-aware software-defined autonomous agents. The architecture harnesses processing power enables multi-agent artificial intelligence facilitates collective machine learning and provides intent-based automation at scale.

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Swarm-Intelligent Robots Ground-air reconnaissance Precision agriculture Distribution center automation

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WHY CHOOSE US Drive Innovation Multi-Agent Artificial Intelligence Technology licensing company

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CONTACT US alfonsoswarmtechnology.com 480-734-3071 http://www.swarmtechnology.us

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