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It is the coordination of multi-robots system. These robots inspired by social insects like ants, bees etc that how these social insects work to perform some specific tasks. Swarm Technology created an architecture using collective behaviors of these social insects. The robots work in distributed and decentralized manner to achieve the common goal.


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Social Insects such as ants exhibit swarm intelligence. Swarm Intelligence is the collective behavior of the self-organized systems where each member autonomously offers its abilities. Such type of algorithms and architecture could be applied to Computer and Robotics. Each Robot aware of its surrounding and abilities. Robots cooperate with each other in solidarity.  SWARM ROBOTICS www.swarmtechnology.us

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www.swarmtechnology.us W h a t C a n W e D o W i t h T h i s T e c h n o l o g y The Architecture of Swarm Technology works in distributed manner using uninterrupted parallel processing. Distributed Artificial Intelligence is an excellent approach to solving processing of very large data sets complex learning and decision-making problems.

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www.swarmtechnology.us Swarm Intelligence-based techniques can be used in a number of applications that enable proactive autonomy in distributed computing and robotics. E m a i l : a l f o n s o s w a r m t e c h n o l o g y . u s P h o n e N u m b e r : 4 8 0 - 7 3 4 - 3 0 7 1

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