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a powerpoint teaching the ABC's and what words go with the letters.


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Let’s Learn the ABC’s! : 

Let’s Learn the ABC’s! By: Chelsea Swanderski Ed 205 Section 12 QUIT

Table of Contents : 

Table of Contents About the author When should we learn the ABC’s? ABC DEFG HIJK LMNOP QRS TUV WX YZ Let’s Sing! Resources QUIT

About the author… : 

About the author… My name is Chelsea Swanderski. I’m currently a Junior at Grand Valley State University, where I am a special education major. Some of my hobbies include singing, dancing, and acting. I love performing and music, and I hope to incorporate that into my teaching someday! Feel free to e-mail me! QUIT

When should we Learn the ABC’s? : 

When should we Learn the ABC’s? As far as research goes, it is never too early to teach your children the ABC’s. Some children develop at different rates so your child might be interested in learning the ABC’s at age two where as some other children might not pick up on them until they’re closer to age four or five. As long as you make it fun, a child should be interested in the ABC’s. There are many effective ways of teaching the ABC’s but the most popular of course, is the ABC song. You will find a link to that song near the end of this slide show. Other ways include ABC blocks that a child can play with or an ABC puzzle. Below are some links that show examples of ways to teach your child the ABC’s. -An ABC sing-a-long toy : -ABC/123 learning blocks: QUIT

A, B, C… : 

A, B, C… A is for… Apple Alligator Ambulance B is for… Box Ball Burrito C is for… Cat Cook Clean QUIT

D, E, F, G… : 

D, E, F, G… D is for… Dog Dad Duck E is for… Egg Elephant Elevator F is for… Fish Fun Food G is for… Giraffe Great Google QUIT

H, I, J, K… : 

H, I, J, K… H is for… Hat Hair House I is for… Ice Igloo Invent J is for… Jump Jog Juice K is for… Kangaroo Kettle Kite QUIT

L, M, N, O, P… : 

L, M, N, O, P… L is for… Llama Love Listen M is for… Mouse Milk Music N is for… Noodles Niece Nephew O Is for… Octopus Olive Orange P is for… Pizza Parent Penguin QUIT

Q, R, S… : 

Q, R, S… Q is for… Quilt Quail Quaker R is for… Rabbit Run Rhinoceros S is for… Spaghetti Shark Snail QUIT

T, U, V… : 

T, U, V… T is for… Tiger Toe Trap U is for… Unicorn Umbrella Under V is for… Vegetable Violet Van QUIT

W, X… : 

W, X… W is for… Water Whale Winter X is for… Xylophone X-ray QUIT

Y and Z! : 

Y and Z! Y is for… Yellow Yam Young Z is for… Zebra Zipper Zoo QUIT

Let’s Sing! : 

Let’s Sing! Now that we learned our ABC’s and what some of the letters can spell, let’s try singing our ABC song. Click on the picture below and start listening! When you’re ready, make sure you sing along! QUIT

Resources : 

Resources childdevelopmen_tvlf.htm Pictures: Video: QUIT

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