Programming languages for mobile app development


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Here is the list of programming languages that is used in mobile app development . here we can deal for you in app development


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HTML 5 A person want to build a Web-fronted app formobiledevicesHTML5languageisthe onewhichisusedforwebbasedapp.

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JAVA Java is an object oriented programming for used for mobile app development.It can be run in two different ways either in a browser window or in a virtual machinelikesomecompilationsoftware.

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C++ C++ is a widely used object oriented programming language. It mostly used in Android apps and windows app.It has been used to develop apps virtuallyforeverypurpose

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OBJECTIVE-C Objective C is a C-language superset. It is part of the Apple development framework and is fully integrated into all iOS and Mac- OS

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SWIFT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Swift is a latest programming language that is used in Apple’ s Application Programming Interface API. It is designed to eliminate the possibilities of security vulnerabilities which is possiblewithObjective-C

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C-SHARP C C plays a role in Microsoft Universe as Objective-C plays a role in A pp le ’ s. Windows mobile platform has not been the market changer but if you want to develop Mobile App for Windows phone developermustknowC-sharplanguage.

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