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Sutherland Plans to Set Up Operations In Philippines

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Sutherland Global Services is a leading Business process outsourcing (BPO) company headquartered in Rochester, USA, and is now all set to expand its operations in Philippines. Sutherland is planning to open two new sites outside Metro Manila, most probably in Camarines Sur and Davao City, Philippines.

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K.S. Kumar, President of Sutherland announced the expansion news at Taj Mahal Hotel, India. He informed the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo that the new establishment in Davao City will hire approx. 100 workers. He also said that the new sites will add 500 more workers to the total workforce of Sutherland Global Services. About 2000 Filipinos are already employed at SGS's Clark Freeport Zone (CFZ) Operations.

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Kumar told the President about the starting of training facilities in seven regions. Approx. 500 graduates every year will get training in these facilities. The President of the country said that Sutherland Global Services has made the right decision in selecting Philippines site for its operations, and also said that the country is full of talented English-speaking workforce and unreserved telecommunication network.

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She also thanked the company's President for showing confidence in Philippines and assured Government's full support to help Sutherland Global Services make this program a success. Now, Philippines has six BPO's, and Sutherland Global Services is one of them. Philippines is considered a favorable destination to start BPO operations anywhere in the world.

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More and more BPOs are considering this site to expand their operations due to its cost-efficiency. The company can benefit from this region as Davao City has 42 schools and colleges and these students can be potential workforce for Sutherland.

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Sutherland offers high end customer management and contact center services to its clients worldwide. With state of the art technology, 20 years of experience and skilled workforce to cater all its clients' needs, Sutherland is one of the top companies offering BPO services to clients.

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Sutherland has an employee base of more than 17000 employees and the company has also won several awards for providing excellent services. To read more about Sutherland Global Services, visit

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